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    • Earthdragon

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      Posted (edited)

      On 11/23/2018 at 1:50 PM, Moonsmith said:

      My weekly comic causes me to undertake this kind of review on an uncomfortably frequent basis.]


      Hi Moonsmith, it occurred to me on rereading your comment above to ask why such reviewing and potential re-jigging is an uncomfortable process for you? - for me there is a slight uneasiness if new conclusions about my spiritual practice might lead to a seeming lack of authenticity of any of my previous practice or experiences. Usually I am quite happy to delve into such things though - it feels a bit like being an explorer - it's interesting and it feels like I'm getting somewhere. 

      On 11/23/2018 at 1:50 PM, Moonsmith said:

      Where the founding thoughts of a faith are aged or ancient; to what extent should its followers allow it to evolve?  Might it be possible to derive a formula for evolution from its tenets?

      Interesting question - firstly Ellinas framed his statement around beliefs ideas and experiences and I think it's important to encompass the diversity of the content of spirituality when talking about authenticity. In Buddhism for example, one would not generally think of oneself as having faith. In Druidism I can relate to having beliefs somewhat though ideas, pracrices and experiences are what I personally relate to most. My own take on spirituality is that it doesn't need to remain as an imprint of some previous generation's version. In terms of duality - for there to be a continuity of a spiritual system there has to be an ongoing connection to, for example,  certain themes, deities, principles, locations, ideas, language, stories. These.connections have a discernable structure and a coherence which hearkens back to the original practice. But contrasting with this the is that for the spirituality to be authentic to the current practitioners, there has to be a liveliness and freedom in the way individual interpretation and experience is encouraged to feed into the whole thing. One way that this can happen is for space to be given  within set rituals can be devoted to personal dedications. Hence there is chance for individuals to develop the theme of the ritual or add a different but compatible theme.

      As for developing a formula for the evolution of its tenets , I think that it may be possible though I personally see spirituality as a living experiential process rather than theoretical.

      On 11/23/2018 at 1:50 PM, Moonsmith said:

      Does it always need a controlling body to reinterpret the original thinking into modern times? 

      No. One could argue the opposite - that forming a constitutional body which controls things may very well lead to a stymied development of individual spirituality which, informed though it is via the collective consciousness of this awesome world and it's inhabitants, relies on freedom rather than hierarchy and control to be creative and evolutionary.

      On 11/23/2018 at 1:50 PM, Moonsmith said:

      Is it inevitable that the founding thinking becomes increasingly diluted or stretched? Where does the authenticity of a long established faith lie in such circumstances?

      I think it boils down to how you define the essence of that system... one for another time maybe 🤣

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    • Moonsmith

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      7 hours ago, WillowLily said:

       i keep seeing them in my  dreams one of the things i see is a white wolf  and an native American little  girl  they are calming and talk to me when i am feeling unwell  they soothe  me  when am scared or upset  

      A witch friend of mine kept dreaming of a wolf, sometimes with a girl and sometimes she felt she was the girl.  This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my anything zone but I sent her this picture:


      The title is "Wolf Protecting Girl".  Now I am not into dream interpretation at all but we worked together on her thoughts.

      Like you she felt protected and calmed.

      We noticed that the eyes of both subjects are the same.  Perhaps they were the same person.  My friend laughed and pointed out that the wolf is better equipped to handle their current situation than is she in that weather.

      However she left with that thought: that girl and wolf were one.

      Later I mentioned the she-wolf and again she laughed.  She had always thought of the wolf as male.

      Make of it what you will but you are not alone.


      [Deebs this picture is copyright - delete it if you think you should and I'll try and find a link.  Failed so far.]

    • WillowLily

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      Wolfs are very special  for me  i keep seeing them in my  dreams one of the things i see is a white wolf  and an native American little  girl  they are calming and talk to me when i am feeling unwell  they soothe  me  when am scared or upset  

      i have seen wolfs in a nature reserve before there amazing  and beautiful and i wish they where free   i dont normally go to nature reserves  or zoo  i would like to see animals free 

      I just became Vegan  in the last  few months  i love animals  there beauty  and there uniqueness  wolfs more so 

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    • UK Pagan

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      MEDIA RELEASE – NOV 27, 2018

      Lost Souls European Tour
      expands into summer 2019

      Includes outdoor concerts, festivals & heritage venues

      STRATFORD, ON – The multi-award winning Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, who in May 2018 released her first recording of original songs since 2006, has announced she is taking her Lost Souls Tour to Spain and Italy next summer, as well as adding performances in Germany.

      “We’re excited to be revisiting some places we’ve not been able to get to for some time, reconnecting with folks we haven’t seen for a while and to perform in some fabulous outside heritage venues.” says McKennitt.

      The Lost Souls Tour next summer will run from July 3rd through July 26th. Tickets go on sale November 30th, 2018. The summer performances follow a 25-concert spring tour encompassing ten countries in Central Europe between March 9th and April 8th 2019.

      In the event additional countries are added to the tour, they will be announced through McKennitt’s website and through newsletters sent to members of the Loreena McKennitt Community.

      Prior to embarking on the highly-acclaimed South American leg of the tour, McKennitt held several concerts in her home base, Stratford, Canada. Describing the show as “one of the finest performances McKennitt has ever given,” a reviewer for the Toronto-based online music publication spillmagazine.com said, “her voice is stronger than ever and the emotion coming from her as she sang is beyond words… Quite simply, one of the best shows I have attended this year.”

      The summer leg of the Lost Souls Tour will also feature fellow musicians Brian Hughes on guitars, oud and Celtic bouzouki, Caroline Lavelle on cello, Hugh Marsh on violin, Dudley Philips on double bass and Robert Brian on drums.

      While the concerts draw on her expansive catalogue of recordings, McKennitt also performs songs from her new album. Several of the songs on Lost Souls she composed some time ago. Others progressively took shape in the midst of more recent projects and journeys. A few draw on the poetry of John Keats and W.B. Yeats, while another evokes a distinctly Middle Eastern flavour. In Lost Souls, they all come together to create an artistically diverse and timely collection.

      The album was released in May as a CD and 180-gram vinyl record and through all music services, including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

      Loreena McKennitt’s eclectic Celtic blend of pop, folk and world music has sold over 14 million albums worldwide. Her recordings have achieved Gold, Platinum and multi-Platinum status in 15 countries on four continents. She has twice been nominated for a Grammy Award and has won two Juno Awards, as well as a Billboard International Achievement Award.

      She has performed in some of the world’s most-respected and historic concert venues, from Carnegie Hall to the famous Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain and for dignitaries including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and numerous heads of state.

      In addition to her musical career, McKennitt has been recognized for a number of noteworthy philanthropic initiatives, including:

      • The Cook-Rees Memorial Fund for Water Search and Safety
      • Falstaff Family Centre
      • Honorary Colonel of the Royal Canadian Air Force

      In 2004, McKennitt was awarded the Order of Canada and in 2013 was appointed Knight of the National Order of Arts and Letters of the Republic of France.


      Jul 14 Abenberg, Castle
      Jul 15 Munich, Tollwood
      Jul 16 Berlin, Zitadelle
      Jul 17 Freiburg, ZMF
      Jul 18 Mainz, Zitadelle

      For more information or to request an interview,
      please contact press@quinlanroad.comor +1-519-273-3876


      Share your thoughts and discuss this subject on our MessageBoard.


      The post Lost Souls European Tour expands into summer 2019 appeared first on Loreena McKennitt.

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    • UK Pagan

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      I try to give my family great holidays, and frequently, that has meant that I turn myself inside out trying to do that. My plans for Thanksgiving were not grand, in comparison to some years (no roasting, scrapping and pureeing pumpkin for days to make the pies from scratch this year), but on Tuesday night, I found myself melting down over a series of individually minor mishaps that turned my expectations into ash.

      It started with the dishwasher dying at the beginning of the month, and the ensuing comedy of errors won't be resolved until December 3rd.  Doing dishes by hand eats a lot of time.  I fell behind on my holiday preparations, regular housework, and organization projects.  Then we had a twelve-hour power outage that caused us to have to toss everything in the fridge and freezer and replace it.  That was expensive and smelly.  Then all of the orders I've placed for clothes for the kids, a prepared meal from Whole Foods for the holiday, and solstice gifts I ordered well in advanced because they were coming from overseas have all had problems.  Add to that potty training the little one, a preteen with an attitude, and teenage snark, and you have me threatening to drink an entire case of wine at once.

      Thanksgiving came and went yesterday.  The china and silver didn't come out.  The tablecloth and candles stayed in their cupboards.  The pie came from a box. I used Cool Whip instead of whipping cream.  We had a good meal together.  At the end of the day, I found myself, tired, relaxed, and surprised.

      By focusing on all of the misfortunes, I had lost sight of why I cared about making a great holiday for my family- I love them and I want us to have happy times together.  Sometimes, it is so easy to miss the point.  There are many distractions in life that will happily lead us off course into unrealities that trap us in illusions.  We have to be careful to stop, look around, and be certain we know where reality is.

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    • Moonsmith

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      I've just been re-reading this thread and this caught my eye:

      On 11/13/2016 at 4:59 PM, Ellinas said:

      So, I would return to the idea that those who are "authentic" in their spirituality are those who are constantly re-examining their beliefs, ideas, experiences etc and are prepared to act upon their ever changing conclusions.


      [My weekly comic causes me to undertake this kind of review on an uncomfortably frequent basis.]


      Where the founding thoughts of a faith are aged or ancient; to what extent should its followers allow it to evolve?  Might it be possible to derive a formula for evolution from its tenets?


      Does it always need a controlling body to reinterpret the original thinking into modern times?  Judaism has Shul and Islam has its madrassas where elders discuss these things but it must be very difficult to control the promulgation of agreed thinking.

      Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism are only just catching up with environmental issues and have for a long time struggled with the development of society in Britain.  I can only surmise that the solely bible based versions of Christianity find their planetary conscience outside of their founding reference.

      These re-thinks and add-ons tend to a natural diversity of thinking and often [historically] to schisms. 

      Is it inevitable that the founding thinking becomes increasingly diluted or stretched? Where does the authenticity of a long established faith lie in such circumstances?


    • the talk of authentic can also take a different turn, are they teaching something religous or spiritual or is it something else, is it an extension of politics or nationalism dressed up. that is a good question to ask. as is the question what is the focus of the group, is it focussed on justification of something otherwise reprehensible? is it focussed on justifying nationalism, racial purity and blood, is it focussed on specific individuals or specific interpretations of material that fit within a narrow viewpoint. anyone care for a wee jaunt into american folkish white supremacist nationalism for instance? thats one example that turns up daily in northern quarters.

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    • UK Pagan

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      Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 140

      The Gap of Dreams / Nia’s Jig / The Beekeeper – Altan – https://altan.ie

      The Talky Bit – The Anglo Saxon and Norse Runes – Suzanne Rance – http://www.suzannerance.co.uk

      Lady of the Lake – Lori Llyn – https://www.lori-llyn.com/index.html

      The Migration Medley – Afro Celt Sound System – https://www.afroceltsoundsystem.org.uk

      DruidCast theme – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard – https://www.paganmusic.co.uk

      For more information on the Druid tradition – https://www.druidry.org

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