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Posted June 13th 2021

Curious about what the most popular thread on the UKPagan forums is? There are a few ways to answer that question...

Most popular post (upvotes)

Are most pagans racist? has the post with the most number of upvotes, the thread was a lively discussion.

Largest number of posts

By far the longest threads are in our Games and Jokes forum, the count to 50 game is way out in front, with over 12k posts, followed by the 2 Word Association threads. What Are You Listening To Now? from the Entertainments Circle is up next. Social interaction is clearly popular on The Valley.

Most Views

At over 92k views, 'prehistoric' Belief - Do any of you follow the oldest path? has the most views of any topic, followed by This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading... at over 77k views.

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