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  3. Viioletstar


    Sacrifice in modern thought is far different than in ancient times when most commonly the concept was enacted in a rite geared around the Community and formed a magic that attempted to divert ill or evil away from the people.Within these rites there is evidence that both sacrifice of humans as well as animals was employed. Anoher form of these old rites was the Apotropaeic expulsion rites which are often confused with the Sacrificial version.The apotropaeic paradigm involved five stages:Selection,Consecration,Investiture,Transference and Expulsion.This was a Community rite using a substitute(Pharmakos)to take away sin from an endangered group.The sacrificial rite did not employ any substitute for the Community nor did it bear their defilement,curses or sin.The victim here was a pure undefiled offering.
  4. Well, it’s been a while… I’ve just got back home from a two week tour on the European mainland. Starting with 5 days in the Czech Republic at the BMWC camp, then onto Vienna for a concert there, and finally to the Netherlands for the OBOD International Camp. It was quite an adventure but it actually started a couple of days before we flew out to Prague… It was a Bank Holiday weekend, and off I went to the river to walk Oscar. It was a lovely sunny day and there were a lot of dog walkers there. As we approached the bank of the river I saw what could only be described as a pack of dogs – a big group of dog walkers had stopped and the dogs were playing together. Oscar lost it. He got so excited, running around playing. It was lovely. But then he wouldn’t come back… It doesn’t happen often but sometimes I just cease to exist in Oscar’s world, and this was one of those times. I saw him running towards me. I saw the harness on his back. I reached out to grab the harness. Oscar is a German Shepherd/Labrador cross. He’s a big strong boy. As I reached out to grab the harness, my ring finger got caught, and was bent at a right-angle sideways to the left, as he ran passed. I couldn’t feel the tip of my finger. By the time I got home both knuckles were turning black. I couldn’t bend it, and it’s the third finger of my chord hand. Right then and there I knew I couldn’t play the guitar, but Cerri made a splint of cardboard, and taped it up. There was no time to go to the hospital as we were packing to leave for the trip. I figured that as the first gig of the trip was 5 days away, I should be ok by then, but I didn’t know for sure. Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s easy to take something like playing music for granted. But when an injury literally stopped me from playing, all I could think about was playing the guitar. Having this injury reminded me once more just how much I love music, so in a way it was a gift, but nonetheless, there would have been easier ways to have learnt that particular lesson. So we travelled to Prague and were picked up from the airport to travel to the location of the BMWC. I think it was about 5 years since I last played in the Czech Republic. Way too long. And it was wonderful to see everyone again. The Czech Pagans have an energy that is so vibrant and alive. I love them, and I always come away with a new story to tell. Some years ago I had a stage diver when I played a gig in Prague. You read that right. A stage diver. At a folk concert. Beat that Dylan! I was playing Lughnasadh from Herne’s Apprentice, a song that had been adopted as the anthem for the Czech Pagans, when I noticed someone climb onto the stage. ‘Oh! He’s going to dance on the stage, thinks I’. No. He goes to the front of the stage, the crowd surged forward and he crowd-surfed, right there, in front of me. Awesome. At a gig in Prague a year later a lovely red bra was thrown on stage and dangled from the end of my guitar. What would happen this time? We shall see… So we arrived at the venue and were instantly taken to The Beer Place. Some of you might not know this but Pilsner beer was invented by the Czechs. Subsequently Czech beer is, to my mind, the best in the world, so I was quite happy to be led to a beer barrel with a cooling contraption where you simply poured a beer, and left a tick beside your name to pay at the end of the camp. It was 27 degrees. The beer was cold and tasty. Much shouting of ‘cheers’ was heard as people arrived. I think this will be the first of a few articles about the tour so I’ll focus with this one on that pesky finger. I took the splint off on the Wednesday and moved it around a little. I couldn’t bend it properly, and began to worry about Friday’s gig. I decided not to try to play the guitar until the Thursday afternoon, and then only play a little, just in case I made it worse. So on the Thursday afternoon I went back to my room, and got out the guitar. It was mostly ok. As the finger had been pulled sideways it didn’t hurt too much when I pressed down on the string directly. But. For chords like D Minor I had to reach out a little sideways, and I simply couldn’t do that. And there are quite a few Dm chords in my songs. There was only one thing to try, and that was to place a capo on the 5th fret and transpose all of the songs with a Dm to an Am in that new position. It would mean playing completely different chords for those songs, but would it work? Just about. So I put the guitar away and was a little happier about the gig the next day. Friday morning arrived. Along with clouds of pollen from the trees that surrounded the site. Yup. The asthma then hit. So I had a damaged finger, and lungs that were refusing to cooperate. But the Show Must Go On! So at 10.15pm on the Friday night I took the stage, and I’m so happy to be able to report that both the finger a lungs worked. There is a loop of energy that spins from me to the audience, then back to me from them, and around it goes, time and time again. It’s powerful magic, and on that night there was so much energy I nearly forgot about the finger and lung situation completely. I did lose my voice a little towards the end but it was a great gig, and those wonderful Czech Pagans gave me another story to tell. I started to play Lughnasadh, transposed to Am on the 5th fret, but that was fine. The audience went bonkers, raising the horns and singing along as if I was some Heavy Metal band. Then two things happened. Three young ladies began to wave bras in the air, and then the audience began to cheer, really loudly. I thought, wow, they are really enjoying this! What I didn’t know, and didn’t find out until the next day, is that one of the people at the camp had climbed onto the stage behind me, and was holding antlers at my head. Apparently the lights were blazing my shadow onto the side of the building and it looked like Cernunnos had just arrived, pounding out a song on the guitar. Here is a small clip, just so you can see what I mean. https://www.paganmusic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/dee7d9e7-f267-4f49-ab6a-ee4e963d133e.m4v During the concert I completely forgot about my damaged finger, but the next day it had swollen again, however I once more had a few days to recover before the gig in Vienna. But Vienna is another story. It was wonderful to be back in the Czech Republic again, and I promise it won’t be another 5 years before I return! View the full article
  5. Ellinas

    Silver Ravenwolf

    Well, it does strike me we all don pen names just to be the authors of our own posts here. Though it had never occurred to me that pixies fart - or that their flatulence may be linked to the glimmerings of the moon...
  6. NorseNephilim

    Silver Ravenwolf

    I tend to avoid all authors who don similar pen-names, like "Moonglimmer Pixiefart" or whatever. Probably more prejudice on my part than anything. That might well be unfair and I may be missing out, but for me, such authors are lumped in with Llewellyn books in the "not with a 10ft bargepole" pile.
  7. Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 143 Niiv’s Cauldron – Omnia – https://www.worldofomnia.com Professor Graham Harvey from AnderidaFest 2018 – What we can learn from Indigenous Peoples – http://www.open.ac.uk/people/gh2744 Suck my Flute – Omnia – https://www.worldofomnia.com DruidCast theme – Hills they are Hollow – http://www.paganmusic.co.uk For further information about the Druid Tradition – http://www.druidry.org View the full article
  8. It's easy to get overwhelmed when you come upon the tarot for the first time and try to learn the esoteric meanings for all the cards and the card combinations. Here, Tarot Magic author Donald Tyson presents ten steps to familiarizing yourself with the cards of the tarot. View the full article
  9. Cleaned out the pond yesterday - ended up not taking out as much of the old water as usual in order not to disturb my little newt friends.  They are surprisingly cute

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  11. raventouched

    Silver Ravenwolf

    I met this Silver Ravenwolf many years ago. Went to a book signing. Always heard she wasn't a "real" witch. In it for the money. Some people rave about her wisdom. I never could find any. Now Starhawk.......Tejas web ...whole other subject.
  12. Ellinas

    Silver Ravenwolf

    Heard of her. Never read her. Not avoiding her. Just never really found the opportunity or need to get to grips with her. That is probably the most unhelpful answer you'll get on this one.
  13. Moonsmith

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    There is a big Ursidae family around here. Definitely wellies in the woods Of all the bears in our family, I'm guessing that I am the teeny-tiny bear. Most of you seem to have or be North American bears. Is no one a Kamchatka, Kodiak or Polar? All bloody big. Please don't be sun bears. They are miniature [smaller than my bhalu], very smartly turned out but the nastiest little buggers I have had the misfortune to clean up after. Family photo I'm third from the left.
  14. Caesar's Mushroom

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    My fetch is a bear
  15. Nice weather for ducks...

    1. Ellinas


      Not to mention the swan with her 6 cygnets that I was watching this afternoon.

  16. Ember Autumn Rose

    Silver Ravenwolf

    I can only make my judgement really from the one text I own by her (Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation), which I bought when I first started learning. It is a text that has made me roll my eyes many, many times. A personal peeve of mine (although it might not be to others) - magick, not magic. One obviously cannot possibly understand magic in this context without the added ~*k*~ She so kindly points to her other books so that she won't repeat herself and bore the reader - a more cynical person would say she would just like you to buy those too. Ye Olde Language that all witches use. Portrays the idea that Witchcraft and Wicca are one and the same; or the idea that there is one craft rule book that all witches/wiccans/pagans follow with no exceptions. Not sure how accurate her information on Wicca is either. She seems to have a real thorn in her side with Christianity/Christian Dogma. Whenever she gives a negative example of religion, it just so happens to relate to Christianity. She also makes it plain that most other witches will not likely consider you a witch should you have any consideration of or understanding towards Christians... *Real* witches can't be Christian / Witches don't believe in Satan - she believes it's insulting to think in such a way. *Real* witches can't be victims / have a victim-mentality She's all for love and light, positive energy - negative energies and negative vibrations are bad, bad, bad... The idea that you can't join a coven, or that they won't accept you, if you have emotional life-events happening at present (for example, if you are going through a divorce). Because humans should live happy lives all the time with no problems, of course. Also, having other life commitments may hinder you. The many "humble-brags" she likes to slip into each chapter: Mentioning her many other books you may want to dip into, her private correspondences with Ronald Hutton [who is a decent writer], that she only has a clan of twenty-eight covens. A lot of the information within is very superficial, with no actual reason on why one should do such practices, or where they originate for the most part. Her section on deities is incredibly limited, and there's barely a sentence on each deity. I know it isn't specifically a deity book, but it is pitiful in my opinion. Thirteen Powers of a Witch (?) Love balls (?) Her wonderful ideas on when to cast spells, or reasons for... there's one for acne; one for unfair teachers; one for helping you to choose your school classes; to gain an understanding of literature... she also includes "advice" for eating disorders and suicidal friends... Others may love her, and that's fine - each to their own. Her other books may be better, and I suppose there are a few nice bits within. But, if I had the choice to go back before I bought it, I wouldn't buy it at all. It's a very pricey prompt book for conducting your own research.
  17. StillCarvahall

    Silver Ravenwolf

    I know, I know! But, in the most eloquent and least swear-y way possible, why? She is often given as the one to avoid, above all others. So why would you say to avoid Sh*thead Ravinghoot?
  18. Three years since I last visited. Oops!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      A potential welcome back :)

    3. Karen_C


      Talk about confusing! This is my most recent account that I set up a couple of years ago when I couldn't access the one I posted from above. Will be attempting to stick around on this account lol

    4. Ellinas


      Yep - I'm confused as well...

  19. Love the new avatar.  You look very confident.

    1. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      Haha thank you :smile:

  20. Ember Autumn Rose

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    I do not have a sacred animal as far as I am aware... perhaps I am just ignorant I have a fondness for quite a few animals, but nowhere near the idea/concepts of familiars, fetches or sacred animals. A quick list would include: tigers, lynxes, dogs (not the small, scrappy kind), bumblebees, moths, pipistrelles, magpies, jackdaws, crows, red deer stags, foxes, and owls. I think they're all stunning and majestic. Maybe one day ;)
  21. Ellinas

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    I now have a mental image of varying sizes of bear typing away on their laptops... "Part of me" is the answer I was expecting. The alternative, if that is Sinistra's position, might be an interesting exploration.
  22. Ah another long weekend over made better by a day in great company.... back to the real world tomorrow...I actually live in it!

  23. Living a cozy life means different things to different people; around the world, there are many different ways people embrace cozy living, including Hygge, Lagom, Shinrin-yoku, and more. Melissa Alvarez, author of The Simplicity of Cozy, presents five ways to help us get started. View the full article
  24. We are on the edge of a monumental shift: On May 15, 2018, Uranus, the planetary archetype associated with awakening, freedom, revolution, radical change, and shaking up the status quo, is moving into Taurus, where it will stay until 2026. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, and the Goddess is poised to take center stage. We've already felt the rumblings, and over the next eight years we can expect to see unprecedented focus and movement in all issues connected to women, the feminine, and our planet. What does this shift mean? And how can we embrace the sacred feminine as Uranus enters Taurus? View the full article
  25. Finally worked out how to put something other than "very talkative" in the text above my avatar.  That's a relief...

  26. Moonsmith

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    My own bear, considerably smaller and a lot more scruffy than a grizzley, is part of me. Like Dr. Jekyll's Hyde, bear used to be optional when I needed bear characteristics. After a while, just as Hyde had later to be pushed back so I had to suppress bear. Now I don't bother and the old bugger is evident most of the time..
  27. Ellinas

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    I knew someone on another site who had a similar ursine type attachment. Do you see your bear as separate to you or a version (for want of a better word) of you?
  28. Hi Eth,

    If you thought a camp down near you could be a good idea I'm up for it.  You guys have always traveled big distances north in the past.

    We used choose the Lakes because that is well south for the Scots.

    I don't think that there are m/any campers left here now but numbers don't matter.  Your Kelly Kettle needs exercise and I'd love to meet up with you and BV again.

    Wocha fink?

    1. Ethereal


      Remind me where you are travelling from Moonsmith? We are certainly up for a get togther and can have a look for a suitable venue and do some planning. 

      It would be great to see you and anyone else that could make it. We appreciate that we are very South for some and that will rule them out. 


    2. Moonsmith


      High time there was one near to you.

      I'm in the Midlands so I can get anywhere.  Aberdeen or Penzance is all the same to me.

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