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  6. Use this charm bag for health from The Crooked Path author Kelden. View the full article
  7. There's a good chance that you or someone you know is dealing with stress. In a moment of high stress, this simple tea reminds us of the benefits of calmness and ease. Drink a cup of calming tea before bedtime, as a daily practice, or brew it whenever needed. View the full article
  8. Use this spell from Urban Magick author Diana Rajchel to open the roads of your city to your intentions and desires. View the full article
  9. How do you bring fresh perspective to new tarot decks, especially those that follow the Rider-Waite-Smith style? Barbara Moore, creator of the Wizards Tarot, explains her inspiration and highlights a few of the cards from the new deck. View the full article
  10. This candle magic spell from The Book of Candle Magic author Madame Pamita is like seven spells in one! Use it to bring your intentions to you, from health and protection to love and abundance. View the full article
  11. Right now, a lot of us are facing uncertainty in our daily lives. One symbol that represents protection, safety, and security is the cotter pin or hitch pin. Use this spell from Common Magick author A.C. Fisher Aldag to manifest safety and security. View the full article
  12. Many of us, in our current environment of COVID-19, are feeling disconnected. Use this easy and helpful practice from Intuitive Witchcraft author Astrea Taylor to ground, cleanse, and realign. View the full article
  13. DavidMcCann

    Eco friendly Coloured Candles

    Duckduckgo is your friend! https://www.geofossils.com/collections/candles-2 https://www.thecrystalgeode.co.uk/product/hand-rolled-beeswax-candles/?attribute_pa_colour=mixed&attribute_pa_quantity=40
  14. Today is the spring equinox, and even though we find ourselves in strange and trying times, there is still reason to celebrate. Yesterday was a grey, grey day here. It drizzled and oozed cold, damp air into every little crevice. Today, I can see beautiful, blue sky, and against it, the bright, new leaves on the trees. What a gift for the day! My seedlings are snuggled in the little hothouse, and they are beginning to stretch themselves upward. Days are longer, and even with the rain, the light is a bit brighter. The birds are singing, and greening of the year is starting. I bless you with the thrill of new growth and longer days! View the full article
  15. Many, many of us are home, sheltering from Covid-19, and things feel very strange. This situation is unlike anything most of us in Europe and North America have experienced. I believe we're all about to learn a lot about ourselves, the people we are closest to, and our societies. For better or worse. I'm choosing to think of this as further time in the great cauldron of change. I'm not getting out of it until this transformation is complete, and the fire has begun to heat it. I'm anxious. Past fears, of being poor or not having the means to get what I need, and a closed-in feeling from living in too small of a space with four other people are all making my chest ache, a bit and my heart rate increase. On the other side of the coin, I'm fascinated. We're living in a moment in which all things are in flux, and new ideas will emerge from this, new ways of being, and we have no way of knowing what is going to be. Anthropologists and archaeologists have long speculated about events like these as catalysts for rapid societal change, and we may see whose hypotheses are suddenly relevant to us in the very near future. I hope you can find something to be fascinated by, something to be hopeful about, and something to change from this experience. May you find yourself transforming into a better, more resilient self in safety, curiosity, and kindness. View the full article
  16. BlueLotus

    Eco friendly Coloured Candles

    Okay. Thanks 🙂
  17. We're in the midst of a health crisis that has upset the equilibrium worldwide—no wonder we feel even more distracted and upset than usual. A Guide to Body Wisdom author Ann Todhunter Brode provides simple belly-breathing techniques to aid with a good night's sleep and some much-needed relaxation during these troubled times. View the full article
  18. Things are pretty wild, right? I know I'm feeling like I need to wake up from a crazy dream. Are you okay? Has anyone asked you that lately? I hope someone has, and more importantly, I hope you felt like you could answer truthfully and with a sense of being heard. I'm wishing us all health, resilience, and love. If like me, you are sheltering in place, I hope you have all that you need, especially a sense of being connected to the rest of the world. Stay safe, be kind, and wash, wash, wash. View the full article
  19. Ember Autumn Rose

    Eco friendly Coloured Candles

    I don't sorry, but perhaps you could make your own with materials you believe fit the bill? I don't really have experience in candle making either... sorry 😂
  20. Ellinas

    Eco friendly Coloured Candles

    Sorry, not aware of any.
  21. BlueLotus

    Eco friendly Coloured Candles

    Hi, does anyone know of an online shop that sells eco friendly, degradable candles in a variety of colours? I've been looking around and I haven't been able to find any so far. Thanks 🙂
  22. Do you have any unaspected planets in your birth chart? These are the planets that lack a conjunction, sextile, square, trine, or opposition to another planet. What do these unaspected planets signify in the chart? Glenn Mitchell, author of Discover the Aspect Pattern in Your Birth Chart, explains. View the full article
  23. While we as a world combat the coronavirus (and other pressing health concerns), please follow all medical and CDC guidelines for prevention and treatment, including the washing of hands, self-quarantining when applicable, and limiting travel and large groups. However, homeopathy is a powerful ally during this time when we need all them ammunition that we can muster. Here, Homeopathy author Alan V. Schmukler discusses why homeopathy is so needed in our changing times. View the full article
  24. Make no mistake: the life of a city witch is not one lived behind doors. While some of us urban types hate camping, none of us genuinely eschew nature. We just accept that nature includes dramatically transformed bits...like buildings made from mountain stuff. The following quickie spells from Urban Magick author Diana Rajchel are intended to gently improve your peace and make city living ever-so-slightly more seamless. View the full article
  25. Though magic may appear to be about fancy paraphernalia and items collected from hidden places in distant lands, the experience of The Little Work author Durgadas Allon Duriel is that some of the most powerful magical items are highly practical and in plain sight in our everyday lives. Here, he details why a simple checklist can be the most powerful magical tool we have at our disposal. View the full article
  26. In his new book, Faery, John T. Kruse discusses several situations in which faeries interact with human children—usually by trying to steal them when they're babies or toddlers, but also when they act contrary to expectation and look after infants where the human parents aren't doing so. Here, he looks at two other aspects of this relationship: faery attempts to kidnap older children and their own childcare skills. View the full article
  27. What if we are unable to afford expensive tools, wands, and ingredients to aid us in our magical practice? Or, what if we are differently-abled and not able to physically cast a circle or participate in rituals? Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch, explains how, by developing our psychic abilities, magic and witchcraft become more powerful—and accessible to all. View the full article
  28. We are in the midst of the cold and flu season, but essential oils can be powerful allies in the fight against these ailments. Essential Oils for Beginners author Kac Young, PhD, offers 5 ways to use essential oils to help fight the cold and flu. View the full article
  29. Many of us have issues dealing with the astrological influences of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), since they govern our spiritual nature, our soul's awakening, and the growth of our consciousness. Astrologer David Pond examines what awaits us if we are to embrace the growth and evolution that working with these three planets promises. View the full article
  30. The casting of spells is an art that has been practiced the world over, and one that is very much alive and well in the twenty-first century. We may not all use the same tools or honor the same rule book, but if there is one thing that unites modern witches, it's that we all cast spells. Sometimes spells fizzle before they have a chance to manifest, sometimes our results are less than ideal, and sometimes things happen as a result of our magic that we weren't expecting. Modern Witch author Devin Hunter presents the seven best-kept secrets when it comes to effective spell casting. View the full article
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