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    • History of magic exhibition at the British Library

      There is an exhibition on at the British Library until the 28th February 2018. Its all about the real historical magic and myth behind the world of Harry Potter. There are lots of ancient magical books and manuscripts and artefacts from the British Library and borrowed from the museum of witchcraft on show. Just watched a lovely documentary about it on BBC iPlayer. Maybe some of you have already seen it? Its available for another 7days.
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    • Not quite sure where, if anywhere, this line of thought is taking me, or even exactly why it occurred to me.


      Is the individual's attitude to a postulated spiritual reality the result of that individual's inherent disposition toward Cartesian dualism?

      Is it possible to answer question 1 without locking oneself in to an acceptance of behavioural determinism?

      My preliminary reactions are:

      Only superficially; for example it is possible to postulate consciousness as a property of matter, which would not necessarily deny either a spiritual reality or a material basis.  Also, even on the assumption that such material basis is not accepted, why would any such disposition necessarily be inherent?

      Quite possibly.

      Any thoughts, comments, abuse...?
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    • So my wife and I were having a chat. We aren't going to do Christmas once we have our own place. Christmas Day will be pizza, PJs and film day because, well, it's a national holiday so can't do much else. What we want to do is have a toned-down Yule and Solstice Day. We'll have a nice roast dinner but not nearly as stress inducing.

      More importantly, I feel like the seasonal attempts to bring joy end at completely the wrong time. I'm not saying this is everyone's experience but I feel that after 26th December, more or less, we're told it's time to pack decorations up and get ready for the new year.

      Um, no. I disagree. The worst of winter, January, is still to come! I propose that we have a day in December, around 20th-22nd inclusive (solstice) for Yule and that the new year of January 1st be moved to March the 1st which is far more appropriate for the true end of winter. The whole of December AND January should be one long but light hearted season of merriment and hygge. Mulled wine, mince pies and sloe gin every week. Winter doesn't last just a couple of weeks on the run up to December 25th or any other date society has chosen. Winter is frigging long and pretending January is somehow the start of a New Year is just silliness. I'm sure many if not most are in agreement about not being greatly interested in the Christian Christmas or in the choice of 1st January for New Year, my real point is that we should stretch out the fun way beyond December into the end of February because the worst of winter is yet to come. Pin holly and ivy to your walls and leave it there until the greenery outside *actually* comes back. The wife and I have also thought we will start spending Christmas Day doing something charitable like a homeless dinner since we have the luxury of deciding the day isn't important to us, but it would mean the world to many. We would also like to be thought of as that family that always has mulled wine and sweet somethings on the ready on those dreary, wet and penetratingly cold January days!


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    • I planned on posting a Solstice sunrise picture from my morning train as I have seen such beautiful sunrises this past week on my way to some work I was doing in london. But this morning it was so foggy and cloudy and rainy there was really not a lot to see. So here is a sunrise from a couple of days ago on the 20th. 

      How are you guys celebrating the season? Finally the holiday has started for me now (so ready for it)! still have a bit of shopping to do tomorrow. Will just chill with my hubby on xmas eve and then we will drive up to my parents on xmas day and miss the traffic rush that way (and the morning church service)  and arrive in time for all the festive fun to begin!
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    • Hi.


      Just wondering, because I do believe Aliens to be real. More than anything I find it impossible for intelligent life to not exist in the infinity that is out there. As we become more advanced and make discoveries which just don't add up and don't fit the narrative, I think it's becoming more apparent. How does this stuff fit in with Paganism? Could Pagan Gods and Goddesses be Aliens? Are there any Pagan paths which are fully accepting of Alien life being out there in the universe? It's all very confusing to me. If Aliens landed on Earth tomorrow and held a press conference on the mainstream news, would your Pagan beliefs be effected?


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    • Ellinas

      Why are Marie biscuits so  difficult to find these days?  They have them abroad.  Last time I bought a packet was in Minorca.
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    • Badger Bob

      RIP Fast Eddie Clarke, the last of the greatest rock trio ever!
      1980 Ace Up Your Sleeve Tour - sublime!
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    • Moorguide  »  Lisa Gibbins

      Hi Lisa,
      Hope you don't mind me sending you a message. I notice that you are from Nottingham and wonder if you know much about the Pagan Festival there in August. All I can find on line is details of the 2O17 event and a indication that the festival happens at  the same time each year. Are you able to shed any light? 
      Many thanks, 
      Bright Blessings 
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    • Ellinas

      Last Wednesday, first day back in work after the New Year. About 10:00 I wander into the gents to discover a noise from one of cubicles indicating someone had fallen asleep "on the job" so to speak.  After affects of a New Year's party...????
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    • deebs

      It's 41 degrees out there today, I'm melting! melting, oh what a world!
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    • Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 130 An Aghaidh Fàilte Na Mòr-Thìr – Julie Fowlis – http://www.juliefowlis.com British Pilgrimage Trust – http://britishpilgrimage.org And the BPT on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/britishpilgrimage/ The Bard’s Call – Philippa Ann Reed – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD6VONF63rM A Phiuthrag ’s a Phiuthar (feat. Mary Chapin Carpenter) – Julie Fowlis – http://www.juliefowlis.com Intro theme for DruidCast – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard – https://www.paganmusic.co.uk For further information about the Druid tradition – https://www.druidry.org View the full article
    • In answer to the first question - probably depends who you're talking to.  I'm primarily a polytheist who happened to be grabbed by a Norse god (followed by others - principally but not exclusively Norse) and found that she could identify as Heathen.  I've met Heathens whose "significant deity" is not Norse and who feel connected by other aspects - principally ethics and a moral code I think.  I've even met a couple of Heathens who are atheists.  I think it's up to them.  As far as I'm concerned if they identify as Heathen that's fine by me - I have no interest in laying down the law and making definitions.  Other Heathens may (do) feel differently.    Whatever floats your boat. I wouldn't say that Valhalla is very important at all.  Again, others may differ.   
    • Dear Moonsmith,   In my view "belief" is not central to Wicca. It's an experiential Mystery tradition, not a belief system. As a polytheist I believe in many Gods and Goddesses, and also many forms of divinity that cannot be so characterised. So I seem to fit into Wicca pretty well, because lots of other Wiccans think like that too. Many Wiccan rites involve the worship of a God and a Goddess. Across Wicca many, many distinct Gods and Goddesses are worshipped, but also across Wicca there are many, many diverse views of the nature of the deities and of the relationship between the human and the divine. I came into Wicca because I believed in the old Gods and Goddesses and sought to honour them in company with like-minded folk; not because anyone asked me to believe anything, still less to conform to something. In Wicca, in modern Paganism generally, I've seldom heard anyone ask another if they believe in the Gods, and that makes sense because in the ways of thinking that seem very common among us, it would almost inevitably lead to a nuanced discussion of what we mean by the Gods, and by belief, rather than to any Yes/No answer. I don't consider myself much of a magician but such experience as I have of magic suggests that there too, belief isn't really relevant. It may be that you and I are meaning different things by belief here. Even as I child I simply could not grasp the Christian concept that there was virtue in belief/faith, by which they seemed to mean accepting things as true on trust from others rather than through direct experience. As a Pagan I've come to see "belief" simply as useful shorthand for the memory of experience. BB, John Macintyre  
    • That is one of the reasons that Druidry is so acceptable to me! 
    • Now you have surprised me John, and you may have shown up a fundamental flaw in my understanding. Is it not central to Wicca to believe in a God and a Goddess? To what extent must a Heathen believe in the Norse Pantheon in order to be accepted by other Heathens as such?  How important is Valhalla? How significant is a belief in magic [of whatever spelling] to some belief systems? These are some of the elements that I had heretofore thought of as requirements and which influenced some of my choices early in my Pagan life.  
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