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    • What is sacrifice in the Pagan world?

      What does it achieve?

      Who or what initiates it?

      How do you decide what to sacrifice/do/give?

      Stuff like that!

      [Blame Ellinas]
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    • We all went through the shiny new pagan phase. Very occasionally, I see someone post on a pagan forum asking "what next?"  They've read the books they found in their local New Age store, found a few online groups, and then, one day, realised that what they know isn't enough for them. They want to go deeper. But deeper into what? And how?

      So this is really about how you dealt with that stage. Did you ask for advice? What was the result? What did you pursue? Where are you now?

      Back when I was a new pagan, I was accidentally mainlined directly into initiatory Wicca, through a relationship and working with the Pagan Federation Committee. That stage lasted about two years. Back then, there were only email groups - but the participants of the two or three groups I was on were all people who had been pagans for years and knew their stuff. And each other.  The discussions could be mind blowing. As a result of those, I began to realise Heathenry was a good fit for the things I felt. Plus, my paganism was always an aspect of my relationships with gods, and one of the gods associated with Heathenry began a working relationship with me.  All the recon religions involve reading the old texts of that religion, so that occupied a fair amount of my 'study' time. Since then, I've realised I could so easily have followed the breadcrumb trail to follow various other pagan religions and become Greek, Roman or Kemetic. But I'm happy as I am. 

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    • I may or may not post this.  I'm sitting in my workroom drawing diagrams and trying to think something through.

      The thought arose from John Mac's totally valid comment that we are using different definitions of "belief".  Now, we have pushed this one around a bit not long ago but reading through John's post again I realised that I do not know what experiential means.

      I started with a spectrum.  It represents all the information in my head.  [OK so its my nervous system and maybe other bits too - can we say for this argument that I refer to all the information contained in a body 1.8M high and far too wide.]  Making use of this information requires memory.

      I put Knowledge at the red end of my rainbow bar and Faith at the violet end and wondered, to start with, where Belief sat. 

      For John and many others, I think belief is green turquoise indigo and there is lots red, orange and yellow knowledge. 

      For me it is belief that is red orange yellow. Knowledge is for me a tiny red glow at the end and is probably invisible [infra red?] Belief stretches all the way from scarlet to violet, maybe into the ultra-violet!

      I then wondered where experience sits on this spectrum and am coming to the conclusion [nearly] that it doesn't.  Is experience simply one of the mechanisms for gathering information that could sit anywhere on the knowledge/faith spectrum.

      I need help here but:

      Posit 1.

      That someone is suffering severe depression.  That the condition is bad enough to be obstructing the subject's desired lifestyle and that symptoms are observable to others.

      This person goes to Lourdes.

      They return no longer exhibiting their former depression and get on with their life in a manner that they find satisfactory.  This improvement  is observable to others. Former symptoms are no longer visible.

      Clearly the person has experienced something.

      Clearly there has been cause and effect.

      Clearly the subject has come out of the experience with information but where does it sit on that spectrum?  How is it remembered?

      Is this experience experiential?

      Posit 2.

      The wife of a friend of mine sometimes dreams that he is being nasty to her.  She wakes and behaves as if he really had been unpleasant.  Her head recognises the injustice of this but her attitude and body language disagree. 

      Clearly there has been cause and effect.

      Clearly information has been processed but where does it sit on that spectrum?  How is it remembered?

      Is this experience experiential?



      To what extent might the spectrum and/or my thinking, be faulty?

      To what extent might the spectrum be inadequate or incomplete.

      Are all experiences experiential?

      What does experiential mean? 

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  not THAT answer!!!!! Please!  Try and help out a failing enquirer just a bit!
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    • History of magic exhibition at the British Library

      There is an exhibition on at the British Library until the 28th February 2018. Its all about the real historical magic and myth behind the world of Harry Potter. There are lots of ancient magical books and manuscripts and artefacts from the British Library and borrowed from the museum of witchcraft on show. Just watched a lovely documentary about it on BBC iPlayer. Maybe some of you have already seen it? Its available for another 7days.
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    • Not quite sure where, if anywhere, this line of thought is taking me, or even exactly why it occurred to me.


      Is the individual's attitude to a postulated spiritual reality the result of that individual's inherent disposition toward Cartesian dualism?

      Is it possible to answer question 1 without locking oneself in to an acceptance of behavioural determinism?

      My preliminary reactions are:

      Only superficially; for example it is possible to postulate consciousness as a property of matter, which would not necessarily deny either a spiritual reality or a material basis.  Also, even on the assumption that such material basis is not accepted, why would any such disposition necessarily be inherent?

      Quite possibly.

      Any thoughts, comments, abuse...?
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    •   Hi Jack! When you say "i just had a dream recently and saw a place which later i realised was where i was" I'm confused. If that's where you were, why shouldn't you dream about it?
    • Oh, I love that film! Yes, a lovely scene. :)

      Skyclad doesn't worry me. I'm a naturist. 
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