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Monica Soto

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A Magical Name - Is it important

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Guest Herneoakshield


I don't remember in any post whatsoever stating that I was withdrawing from any topic


And If my topics are posted in a cryptic fashion then someone please save our education system


Blessings to you Hern


Rubyleaves. :D




the following statement

To put a halt to any further confusion I'll reserve these and my wish of an Earth Name to my own personal Path.....

And apologise for getting averyone in a twiddle.

implies that you are going to withhold further comment from this thread.


I would like to know who these earth people are. why not explain what you mean maybe we have heared of them by a different name, we won't know if you arent going to elaborate.

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You Know just beacuse you havn't heard of something yourself it doesn't mean it's fit or up for ridicule


Or that it is a ridculous notion.


or doesn't anyone read the board rules around here.


Oh to speak with someone who has knowledge enough of life to have learned some tolerance of (All) of the fools that walk upon the face of the Earth.



Blessings all round.





Well Ruby, this is one Fool who does know the board regs and is quite clear on the fact that the only one coming close to breaking them is you.


You have made statements and been asked politely to give meanings, you then reply in an apparant fit of pique and bandy accusations around.


I for one would like to know the following:


Who are these Earth People? - Gnomes? Some Eco-Pagan group? Wigts?

Why do they give Earth Names?


Am I to expect a civilized answer?


Crop Circles are generally made by people, usually zider fuelled students and wind up merchants. This has been proven and is well documented. It is also nothing to do with paganism. If however you have hard physical and verifiable evidence to the contrary I'm all ears.


And please don't blame the education system for the opacity of your posts; as you seem more than able to articulate the sarcasm in the replies, I'm sure you can be just as clear in normal speach.


Thank you




PS Seg - sorry that this has derailed your thread. Hopefully we can get it back on track

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chill out guys :D It was a simple thread :lol: I am still really interested in the magical name thing :o .


I don't think it's right for me though after much thought :o_lol:


I really do love my name given by my parents and i think maybe the divine had a hand in that :D


Let's all be friends now ;)

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Guest Herneoakshield

I don't have a magical name, Though I think that my online name would be apt if I were to choose one :o_lol: I don't personally feel the need for one really, My God knows who it is talking to him without the need for an elaborate name to identify with.

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I'll take it that the attitude toward me is as such and refrain from making any further comments






If you could elaborate and explain as to my being close to breaking the board rules it

benefit us all round


Yes I am aware of the hard facts regarding the crop circles as you have specified and thankyou for this reminder


As far as the personal comments on my articulation and the venom diplayed again quite unecassery


I have been nothing but polite and mind the comment "civilised answer" etc


I made a post simple friendly and have been returned with unpleasantness.

The post was relevant to magickal names and considering we are all under the "Pagan Umbrella" I was under the impression that earth name would have been understood.

So in this I don't see how Seqs thread has been "derailed"


You don't have to agree with anything I say , however I really don't have to tolerate

unpleasant personal remarks


etc "what drugs are you taking"




w/f "are you talking about" taking it that w/f means what the f**ck


Also might I remind you that "implied " does not say "said"



As far as board rules are concerned I was under the impression that posts about magick ritual and anything relevent was subject to Pagan Tolerance.


It seems Not.


As for the Earth Name Explanation Surley it is self explanetory.


And if I must elaborate let's just re-name it with a life rite or pagan naming ceromany and then we all are aware of what the term means to everyone here.


I was under the impression that I was within a community tolerant of others views

Open minded and pleasant within the goddess(mother) for those having problems in this area.


However I have to say that I am dissapointed with some of that I have found.



If I am close to breaking board rules within all of this and I am under threat within this vein.......then to be quite frank being among some of the unpleasantness I found means that here is one Pagan that doesn't belong among you.







Very Saddend

Edited by ruby
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Ruby. I am a Pagan. I'm a tooth and claw Pagan. Have been for many years. I'm tolerant and accepting but, (and here's the crucial part) I question everything


What's more, I expect to be questioned in turn.


Being Pagan does not, in my view, equate to bland acceptance of all and every statement simply because the person making the statement deems to fall into "the Pagan umbrella".


No matter who, if they made a statement which I did not understand, follow, or I thought bamboozling or just downright odd, then I'd question them.


I can't honestly see what the problem is.


I asked you who the Earth People were and your response gave no answer other than to imply that I was either taking the piss by NOT knowing, that I was by THAT inference not a real pagan, or that I was in jest. I was in fact none of the above. I simply wanted to know what you meant. That response should have let you know that I did not know what you meant. In view of the fact that you did not answer me, I conclude therefore that YOU were being rude.


And, for the record, I'm well aware of the board rules. They state that views will be respected but they do not in any way shape or form state that all statements made will be accepted without question or debate.

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Maybe this is my age or place of upbringing.....but I thought the knowledge of Earth people was fairly commonplace , particularly within the Pagan Community,


Age is irrelvant since our members range from 18-60's. Many of us here are folklore and mythology experts so this is either a new age idea or it was so extremely local to your area of upbringing that the folklorists didn't record it - which is exceptionally odd :D


Oh to speak with someone who has knowledge enough of life to have learned some tolerance of (All) of the fools that walk upon the face of the Earth.

Well you won't that anyone that gulliable on a pagan forum :D


And If my topics are posted in a cryptic fashion then someone please save our education system

Our education system has been screwed for decades. And unfortunately the hhuge majority of your recent posts have been cryptic and stilted which do little to help others interact or reply :o_lol:

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One of the rules of this forum is

Please try and use good English


Your posts are not good English, people are finding it hard to understand what you say.


When questioned rather than answer with a simple explanation you post further cryptic statements which seem intended to inflame or iritate rather than further the discussion which are at best poor manners and at worse signs of a troll (for which we also have rules)


As a case in point when asked about 'Earth People' you supply a lot of bumf surprised that we don't already know - then branch off about crop circles.


Later you state that not everything you post is litteral and 'after all at the end of the day it was tongue in cheek.....'


However your posting style makes it uncertain when you are posting in fact and when you are posting in jest.


It is therefore little wonder that people react to you as though you are baiting them.


However I notice from your reply to me you are more than able to write posts that are understandable, if you took this style to begin with there would be no misunderstanding and more chance of a decent debate.


Also if you feel that people are being rude to you or otherwise breaking site rules please use the report button to bring it to the attention of the Mod/Admin team and it will be looked into.


As a community we are tolerent Ruby, but tolerence works both ways. If people ask for clarification of a post is it good manners to reply with a joke?



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Guest dragons light

hi ruby.dont feel bad and think your been slated you should read some of my topic replies people have their oppinions and we must except that.dont take it personal.

i think corn circles are made by aliens and people dont believe me either. my response is that it is ignorant to think that out of billions of planets to think earth is the only one that has inteligent life. ok so im off topic. never had a magic name i love dragns i love the warmth of light so i chose dragons light for this forum as it felt right

love to you and yours. :P

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I will take all posts and comments on board and do my best to ease if I can


I wasn't atall aware of cryptic posting though,...... anyway


thankyou Dragonslight for your warm and friendly post you've made me feel human again.



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offense is not my intention, or pleasure to anyone concerned within any posting or not within the valley


Blessings to all




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Guest danishtea

I do not have a magicname, use my norma given name, tried once to find one, by couldn't find one fidding, I also idenify myself with my name, both in pagan and everyday life situations.

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Guest Midori

I have had several Pagan names, they change as I do.


I have a Wiccan Name, a Druid Name and my online name which is just a Japanese word meaning green. It is also a girls' name and the name of a particularly revolting liquer, (which I didn't know when I chose it!).


Rubyleaves, not trying to be nasty to you, but I haven't heard of the Earth People either, and I have been Pagan for 40 years!


BB Midori

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  • 4 weeks later...

Midori I so love the idea of having lots of different names :o_wink2: But being so confused as i am i would never know who i was :)






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Guest Arrianwin

my online name serves as my Wiccan name aswell... Arrianwin... a name i was given by the only other Wiccan i have ever met face to face.


however at the moment i have shifted my entire persona.... Mell ( my given name) and Arrianwin have blurred into one person and i am no longer able to keep them seperate...


Mell represents to me a person i no longer am and a past that i want to leave behind.... Arrianwin has therefore become the name that i am known by.... maybe i should blend the two....Mellianwin or arrilanie... hmmmm!!!!!!!

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Guest Follies Labour

Hello, as an Hermetic magician I draw a distinction between Craft/Pagan names and Magickal names.


A Craft/Pagan name is a semi-permanent name that is chosen or given to you based on your particular traits or preferences. This name is sometimes public knowlegde, or at least known to members of a working group.


A Magickal name - for me at least - is a name that sums up the direction I wish to progress spiritually and serves to remind me of my magickal goals and obligations, and is always kept private (even from members of a working group). These names are only used until I've achieved the desired goals, and then a new name is chosen, I've had a couple in the last few years. To me a magickal name is private and thus even asking what someones magickal name is is extremely rude.



Love is the Law, Love under Will

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Guest arctic wolf

I have no magical name. Sometimes I like to be known as something other than Dominic which is my real name. Especially as it means 'of the lord' or something , in latin. My very Xian parents gave it me, it could have been worse, I understand that I was to have been Benedictine but they changed their minds at the last minute. :o_wave:


Actually I dont find the lack of a magical name something that needs fixing any time soon. I am happy as I am


Off topic. I have to say that I am still none the wiser as to what an earth name is. We are all here from different paths. None uf us know everything about all paths. That is one of the strengths of such a site . If you dont know something then usually there is someone who does. Ruby it seems that you come from a traddition that none of us have heard of.


That does not mean it is invalid, it does not mean that we are all thickos. someone recently said to me that there are as many paths as there are pagans. Maybe it would be a good Idea if you started another thread somewhere with an expaination of what Earth names/Earth people are for our enlightenment and education.

Edited by arctic wolf
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Guest Myk

When I first started (this was before I got the internet so basically it was what I had read in the various books I had purchased), it was recommended that you take a "magickal" name, thus seperating your everyday life apart from you rituals and workings. So I ended up taking Nuada, as I both liked the look and sound of the name (I had seen it in a book about the Magick of the Celts, I'll look the book up later - but it is a load of codswallop really).


Over time as I began to explore my beliefs further (beyond that which I read about both in books and online), the need for a "magickal" name disappeared. Which was fortunate as the name I had chosen was infact an insult to the Gods (one in particular), and this was restricting my spiritual growth.


Now, I go by Myk.

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Guest Follies Labour

I took a Craft name when I first got interested in Wicca back in my teens (and it was something extremely rubbish... Lady Aislin DawnAngel I think: a testament to my fluffy beginnings!) but since then I do not use a Craft name because a) I'm no longer Wiccan/a witch and :unsure: I think of a Craft name as almost an alias used in a working group, which only your working buddies know. I don't have a working group that stays the same for very long (I work with Pagan friends every now and then and we don't all follow the same path) so I don't use an alias.


I do, however, follow Follies Labour's line of thought about a magical name, except to me a Craft name or a Pagan name can also be used in the same way. For me, a spiritual/magical name one takes is a name that indicates what you're aiming for magically/spiritually. Interestingly, I feel that online names can be similar - especially on Pagan forums. They say a lot about who you are now, what you view yourself as, and what you wish to be. It may come as no suprise then to find out that my online name (not the one I use here, since on UKPagan I post simply as myself) is the same as my magical name/Pagan name. I have no problem telling people my magical name, because I don't hold the belief that if someone knows your magical name they can used it against you in magic - to me, the magical name I chose is no more my 'true' name than the one my parents gave me is, and plenty of people know my mundane name. I also have no problem telling people where I want to go in life, which is exactly what my magical name does.


Having said all this, I believe that a magical name can also help remind you why you're treading the path you are on, what you're here for, and what you're own beliefs are. It's like having a sign post continually in your face.



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Guest Kimhuggens

Oh rubbish - Follies Labour and I use the same computer, and for some reason it didn't sign out properly so I posted as him instead of me!


For reference - the post above is from Kimhuggens, not Follies Labour! (This is what comes from 5 Pagans all sharing the same internet connection.



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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest consumatum est

LOL Nice one kim - really showing the technological abilities there :P


Again just to be dull and boring I would agree with follies labour, and I have to admit that I to gave my self a naff 'silver raven wolf' inspired name when i was a little younger and less informed. (but bless ya know it was the first book i read on the subject)


So I cant be completely blamed for that.


I hope

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Guest Soror_Candesco

I think I pretty much agree with Follies Labour to an extent. It isn't usually common to ask someone their m.name.

Personally, I have my own private magickal name which came to me early on in my learning and I've been known by this name during workings ever since. I have a group name which I don't mind (sometimes) using as my online moniker too.

With regard to finding your own personal name, I think that it will come to you in time (sorry to be vague on that one!), I don't believe it's hugely necessary to have another name but it can sometimes be useful for distinguishing purposes, esp if like me, you write a progression diary of sorts in variety of languages and codes lol.

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Guest Marko

I chose a magical name when first initiated into Wicca, which I was advised not to divulge except within the coven... years down the line and working as a solitary part of me feels that the use of a second "magical" name is not really neccessary but darn it I can't help but use it, only within ritual of course and never as a name on forums etc. (Don't know why, just doesn't feel right!)



Edited by Marko
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Guest CrystalArianhod

Is it that important to have a magical name ?

Some believe that when you enter the craft you are creating a new you and a new name symbolizes this transformation and helps to shed the ties from the old. Others see it as an nicety, something of an accessory. But is most important purpose is its use as a protective tool against discrimination and for privacy.


Is it essential?

No. If you feel that you can protect yourself by other means then a craft name is more as an extra luxury rather than an essential.

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Guest Amethyst

I use Amethyst as a kind of "alternative" name in many circumstances. She's a fictional character I invented for a story who is like a projection of my spiritual side, I started using that name as a "spiritual" name at a Pagan moot because I didn't want people knowing my real name, and now I use that name for all online forums as an alternative to my real name.


My O/H Harry is agnostic but does have a spiritual side. I recently gave him a Kemetic name as I thought it sounded good - it's "Qenu-Sab" - meaning "Strong/Brave Wolf". I gave him this name because he tells me he has always felt a connection to wolves (probably cos he's hairy :D!!) and he's always been strong for me and there when I needed him.



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  • 3 months later...
Guest Eudilyte

When i first relised my path i thought about this alot, and my eclectic wiccan (eudilyte) name kinda came to me while looking for new crystals on the internet it just felt right and i loved it and have used it for a long time but recently i have felt an urge to stop sepreating my life into Eclectic Wiccan/everyday stuff and that having a seperate name is one of the reasons that is so hard to me anyway the only thing is everytime i try to seperate myself from it it makes me feel like a part of me is being lost so i never have!

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I don't bother with a magical name because I feel they're unnecessary. However enough people call me Els in RL for me to have started to consider adding Elswyth to my RL name as one of my middle names.

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