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This May Be A Strange Idea...... - Basic ritual

Guest wikkid_devil

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Is there anyone here that has the knowledge and experience, who would be prepared to lead a simple generic (if there is such a thing) ritual for us newbies on an interactive basis (in the chatroom) if a prearranged time and date could be agreed.


Would it be practical and would anyone else find it helpful?

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

not sure if it would be useful to me but i would be interested. i dont do any type of formal rituals so i dont know what goes on as such.

i only know what i do which might seem like nothing to other people - even ones who are standing next to me at the time!!!!

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I have always been sceptical of internet rituals - I don't see that you would necessarily get the same "feelings" that you would in a "normal" ritual.


I can remember a joke posted some time ago (possibly on the old version of the site) of an internet covern trying to do a ritual - it was really rather funny - will try to find it :ph34r::)

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Here you go, Welsh :rolleyes:


HPS: Before we start our initiation ritual, I have an announcement. Fluffy Moon Ferret has totally burned out her hard drive and probably won't be able to get back on line for at least two weeks


EAST: Darn! She was going to teach us how to make cyber corn dollies next week :-(


HP: Can I suggest that we table this and get down to business?


EAST:Yes, sorry


HP: We're about to start the initiation ritual. Is everyone ready?


WEST: Present


EAST: Ready


SOUTH: Roger


INITIATE: I am ready


~~(1 minute pause)~~


HPS: North?


~~(1minute pause)~~




NORTH: Sorry, I had to reboot


HPS: Ok, we are all here. Initiate, are you skyclad and ready?


INITIATE: Not yet-- hold on, I need to get a pillow


HP: Pillow?


INITIATE: Yes, I have a metal chair here at my desk. OK-- BRB


~~(2 minute pause)~~


INITIATE: Ok, I am ready and skyclad


HPS: Good, now do you have the cord?


INITIATE: Yes, I have an orange one I got on sale at the fabric store today, is that ok?


HP: It will have to do. OK, now, tie your hands behind your back, then bring the cord up around your neck...


INITIATE: Ummm.... I can't do that by myself..


HPS: Do you have anyone there to help you?


INITIATE: Only my mom, but she would kill me if she knew what I was doing in here


HP: OK, forget the cord. Do you have the blindfold?




HPS: OK, put the blindfold on and don't peek while we cast the circle. Give us about four minutes


INITIATE: OK, I'm going to put the blindfold on now, how will I know when you are ready for me?


HP: Do you have an alarm clock?


INITIATE: Yes, but it's in my room


HP: Can you go get it?


INITIATE: Yes, but I'd have to put my clothes on-- my mom is in the next room


HPS: Never mind, just put on the blindfold and count to 240




~~(4 minute pause)~~


HPS: Initiate?


~~(1minute pause)




HPS: Maybe he got disconnected?


INITIATE: I am here-- are you ready for me?


HPS: Yes, the circle is cast. Do you have your sword?




HP: Yes, while you imagine that I am holding my sword with the tip against your heart I want you to hold your sword in the same way


INITIATE: I don't have a sword..


HP: Do you have an athame?




HP: Do you have anything sharp in there?


INITIATE: There's a pen on the desk..


HP: Ok, point the pen at your heart




HP: How do you enter this circle?


INITIATE: In perfect love and perfect trust


HPS: Good, now I need to whisper the sacred words to you


INITIATE: whisper?


HPS: Yes, do you have two phone lines? I can call you with them


INITIATE: No, only one


HPS: Ok, I'll e-mail them to you BRB


**HPS has left the chat room**


~~(1 minute pause)~~


**HPS has joined the chat room**


HPS: Ok, I mailed them


INITIATE: OK, I'll go look


**INITIATE has left the chat room**


~~(1 minute pause)~~


**INITIATE has joined the chatroom**


INITIATE: I can't get into my hotmail-- I keep getting a message that the servers are down


HPS: OK, you can get them later. Now imagine that I am pushing you from behind into the circle


INITIATE: from behind?


HPS: Yes, kinda like you are tilted, I am holding on to the cord. Oh wait.. no cord.. ok, just pretend I am pushing you into the circle




HPS>>Now we are going to go around the circle three times.




~~(1 minute pause)~~


HPS: Now we're stopping in front of the altar and I am holding the scourge




HP: You must kneel at the altar while the High Priestess scourges you


INITIATE: Do you want me to imagine that I am kneeling in front of the altar or do you really want me to kneel in front of my computer?


HP: Can you kneel and still see the screen?


HPS: If he kneels he must also put his head down on the floor


HP: Well, I guess he can't kneel then


HPS: Yes, he can, I have an idea. Initiate--kneel and put your head to the floor and imagine that I am scourging you




HPS: I am now scourging you


~~(2 minute pause)~~


HPS: Initiate you must now scourge me twice as many times


~~(1 minute pause)


HPS: Initiate?




INITiATE: I am here, now what do I need to do?


HP: You must imagine that you are scourging the High Priestess


WEST: I need to go-- the baby woke up and needs to be fed


HP: Can you feed him at the computer?


WEST: Yes, I'll bring him back here with me. North, can you cut me a door?


~~( 1 minute pause)~~


WEST: I really need to go-- the baby is crying




NORTH: Sorry, I had to reboot


HP: Can you cut West a door? NOW?


NORTH: OK, all set


**WEST has left the chatroom**


HPS: Ok, should we continue or wait until West comes back?


SOUTH: I think we should continue


EAST: We should wait


**WEST has joined the chatroom**


WEST: I am back, North can you cut me back in?


~~( 1minute pause)~~




NORTH: Sorry, I had to reboot. West you are all set


HP: Ok, where were we?


HPS: The initiate has to scourge me. I am going to kneel down here now, and imagine that he is plying the scourge


INITIATE: Ok, I am imagining that I am scourging the High Priestess


~~( 2 minute pause)~~


INITIATE: I am done


HP: Priestess?


~~(1 minute pause)~~


HPS: I need to go right now


HP: Why? We are not finished here


HPS: I banged my head on the desk when I got up-- hard-- I am bleeding all over my computer. I need to go to the ER for stitches


**HPS has left the chatroom**


HP: OK, we'll make this a healing circle instead


INITIATE: I have to go too, my mom is in the hallway screaming and wants to know what I am doing


**INITIATE has left the chatroom**


HP: OK, everyone go light candles and we'll try to do this again tomorrow night


**Chatroom closed**



-Author Unknown

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Whilst acknowledging and respecting Welswytch's feelings in the subject, and yesh Kalianah that was a very funny take on it :o_biggrin: I actually think that this would be a pretty good and workable idea.


In my own personal experience I have had very strong and genuine feelings at what I suppose you would call a telepathic level whilst communicating with people over the net. The internet is after all a tool or conduit much like any other :o_devil: It's relative newness does rather lead us to regarding it as faintly ridiculous I suppose :o_devil: But when push comes to shove, its the people involved rather than the tool thats used and UKP does seem to be building a good healthy community spirit. I would be willing to give something like this a few tries even if it was on a very simple level of a joining and sharing of energies.

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I'm a member of a vodou yahoogroup where the listowner frequently coordinates rituals for group members. She doesn't conduct them online; instead she sets out what the ritual will involve, what is needed in the way of food offerings, altar objects etc then gives instructions for what to do.


Everyone who wants to join in then does the ritual and lots of them report back by setting out how they felt when carrying out the working and describing any effects the ritual/magic had.


Perhaps anybody who felt like leading a ritual could do something like that?

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Sounds interesting, Crow :o_biggrin: especially the reporting back bit. I do think use of the chatroom would be very helpful though.

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I don't know, I think group rituals if one wishes to do so should be involved with the others on a reality bases. The internet and chat rooms are great but there is still a certain amount of anonominity involved and the energy pretty much would be filtered through the computer and might lessen the power of it. Though I'm not sure about this of course and I have never gotten involved with group rituals so I'm speculating here. :o_hippy:

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I would be extremely wary of any online ritual of anykind quite frankly. The net is for raising awareness and understanding and sharing but should not be used for raising magical power or ritual - except that some attempt to do that. The power comes from within yourself.


Something like meditating on a candle at the same time arranged with others is a good example but is completely different to a real ritual. After all ritual means different things to different people. Some of us call the quarters, others don't, some of us cast a circle, others don't. Some work with wands, athames, swords or fingers - others use nothing. The best way to understand ritual is try for yourself. A ring of light from a candle flame can make a basic and powerful circle, or a whole circle of tealights for the beginner struggling with visualisation. I feel that an online ritual belittles ritual and only serves to confuse people - see Kat's joke - which was the first thing i thought of as soon as I read the first post :)

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Ok let me clarify my angle on this a bit further. I am not actually referring to complex and predefined rituals involving a lot of paraphenalia and sensitive timing. ( Obviously I can't speak for the originator of the thread, wikkid, as to what his specific wishes and needs would be :) )


The kind of of thing I would be interested in participating would be more along the lines of a group meditation, sharing and focussing energies. Its something that has come to mind particularly when people from UKP need some extra help in times of stress and crisis or healing for friends and family etc. Its something I have participated in informally via the net with friends at a distance and its worked well, but I think it would be great if a few of us here could get together online sometimes to try something basic and simple between us. A few ground rules could be agreed beforehand so things arent all over the place. Another beneficial effect could be that for newer pagans it could help build confidence in a comfortable environment.


I respect your views here weatherwitch :o_lol: and I can understand how some things would not translate well to an online environment and should not be made to do so, but I do think there can be useful and apppropriate use of the net to facilitate safe sharing and chanelling energies when the participants are not physically near each other.

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When ritual is performed, surely a major part of the intent is to raise energies.


When groups perform ritual together surely this is to amplify and join energies.


I think that for this to be effective the participants must surely be in each others direct physical presence

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I think that for this to be effective the participants must surely be in each others direct physical presence

Sorry but I disagree. I have had experience of remote joining of energies that has worked extremely well. They were things that happened naturally with people I knew and trusted and were not something formally set up, hence my interest in attempting something a little more structured, however basic. I don't see it as anything much different from on here with Person A saying, hello folks I need help with problem B, and persons C and D saying Ok we'll do what we can, and those folks certainly are not in the physical presence of anyone they are focussing on.




I'm doing my best to try and articulate exactly what I mean but I seem to be failing miserably. I'll get me coat and go off to sit in fluffy -crank- dressing-gown corner shall I ? :) ( tic by the way )

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That's a fair enough comment LCC, after all we send each other blessings when needed don't we.


I wonder where the effects of a sacred circle fit into this scenario, is it possible to create such a protection in a non-physical way, a joining of souls creating the circle ?


I have to admit, being a solitary, it's a thought that's not occured to me before.

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I suppose it depends what the idea behind the ritual is. If it's for a specific purpose, to acheive something then you may run into problems with the energy raising, if only because participants might feel a little inhibited with all the typing!

i think though that the original idea was to learn how a ritual went, so that new people could see what they were meant to be doing and then go on and work away on their own or with others. I think that for that purpose, the idea is a good one.

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Sorry, my brain went straight to Buffy with Ms Calender doing the online ritual with her coven.


I wouldn't be interested in personally taking part, but that's more to do with my not liking to work with anyone unless I know them really well and their help is essential. i would however be interesting in hearing about how it all went, if and when it happens.

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I'd be happy to only I'm not sure which forum would be the most appropriate. Its kind of halfway between a Snug and a General I think.

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I had actually thought of starting a thread on how well people can sense, connect or read other people over the net on a level other than the mundane because thats something that fascinates me.

I've had that experience i was surfing websites that were wicca based and came across one that set of my "spidy senses" i got a gut reaction to a picture of someone. I know it sounds crazy but i get gut reactions with people quite a bit and it felt the same.


In answer to this thread i like the idea of something being posted and then all doing it at a set time, it would be an interesting experiment at the least.

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