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Finding Mee - please point me in right direction

Guest mee

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Hi all,

Can i have a little help to start me off. I don't have a lot of money as I am

about to join the ranks impoverised students so don't can't afford to buy many books.


I have decided to look into the folklore of this area which is the cotswolds/oxfordshire if anyone has any ideas of websites/library books i could read. Although not born in this area ( we moved here when i was a toddler) i feel a real connection to it.


Any other ideas of were to start.....things that I have an interest/ am drawn to...herbs and gardening, nature ( never go a day/night without seeing or hearing something...), pyschic ability? already have very good intuition that people have commented on.


I have always noticed these things but am not sure how they all fit in to what i believe in.



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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

First place you might want to try would be the library of the university you're going to join - they might well have something useful


gwyn eich byd



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Sorry, don't have any suggestions for books or websites, but I just wanted to say good luck with your studies.


Ffred and Gawain have given you excellent suggestions there already.


I have a book on Folklore, so I'll have a look to see if it mentions anything in your neck of the woods and I'll get back to you later if I find something.




Liz -x-

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If it's folklore as in tales and legends that interests you there is a book by Jacqueline Simpson and Jennifer Westwood called The Lore of the Land. It's a gazetteer which discusses English legends county by county, so the Cotswolds will be in there for certain. Lovely in hardback with great photographs and illustrations but a cheaper paperback is also available.

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Whereabouts are you? I used to live down that way in a village called weston-sub-edge years ago. Whilst i was living there on 3 occasions over a period of 2 years i saw a man on horseback i didn't like much, very scary presence, and then over a year later i read this book and found the exact description of the person i had seen and in the right place too (completely freaked me out at the time) but none the less a good read.


Ghosts and Witches of the Cotswolds by J.A.Brooks




BBs LL x

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    • Ellinas
      As I have said before, I knew on another forum, and maintain an occasional contact with even now, a person who was known to see himself as a Christian witch.  Pagan?  Well he was on a pagan forum and fitted in very well, and his concept of deity was not such as would be safely mentioned in many a Christian gathering.   Us lot, learned?  More like Moonsmith's favoured image of the "old farts" on a park bench.  If the concepts have no use to you, I'd leave them be - otherwise you are in danger of joining the realm of "Old Fartdom"
    • Moonsmith
      Up to you Nettle but I wouldn’t bother if I were in your place.  I think that your approach to your beliefs is where it needs to be right now.  This thread will move on and fade away.  I’ve done research because I give talks on belief and need to know from which end of my food tube I’m talking.  There are always Pagans in the audience who know their stuff.     What we believe is what we really believe - that might be as good a definition of Paganism as any.  There is no “truth” except our own.  Share what you will but never let it be a chore. I’m here in the Valley coz it’s fun😄
    • Nettle
      I am not as learned as most here when it comes to paganism and even religion.    Hence why I do not usually get involved in such discussions. It’s not that I don’t see value in someone analysing their belief system and tagging the most appropriate label. It’s just for me it’s not that important.    I don’t know what I am, and to be honest I am not really concerned. Yeah it assists in communication but it is not that important to me.    At one time I know I understood the meanings of polytheism/monotheism/atheism etc but I have forgotten what they mean. They have not stuck. And as such they are not required for me to engage with my path.   Lol I am getting older now and so find I have to purge information to allow for more information to be stored! Basically I empty my cup, keep what is useful to me and discard (“forget”) the rest.   However I will endeavour to reacquaint myself with such concepts as they seem to be important to other members here and so may be worth more investigating and gaining different perspective. 
    • Moonsmith
      I agree SH!  Some Irish, Polish and Hispanic versions of Catholicism (Inc. some of their priests) are very like Polytheistic Paganism.  Once Catholicism meets Voodun you’d be hard put to create a definition that divided the practice Catholicism from Paganism.  That said, the Christians in question would object to being called Pagan as I suspect a Voodunista might object to being called Christian but I don’t know that.  I’d keep definitions of religion well away from definitions of Paganism.  I certainly don’t have a religion and I’m Pagan.  The original use of the word Pagani - (those who lived out on the pagus; outside of citified civilisation = rustic) - distinguished between formal Roman polytheists who would be offended at being referred to as Pagani and the rustics who wouldn’t. I wonder if you can be Pagan and not know it?  Is it behaviour related rather than belief based?
    • Stonehugger
      Is it that kind of word though? Where would one find an authority about what it was formally meant to comprise? A dictionary will say how the word is used in practice, so that's not prescriptive enough. An act of parliament? A contract? Speaking in my capacity as humpty dumpty, I could use it to mean something that's not like Christianity, Judaism, Islam etc. It's a statement of difference but also perhaps of exclusion. I've never been a Roman Catholic but I imagine their attitude to the Virgin Mary could be a bit borderline-pagan sometimes, so I could therefore imagine a vicar advising someone that their understanding is "a bit too pagan for comfort."
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