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When I was an A level student - and just as anti social as I am now - I would often eat my sandwiches at lunchtime sat on a low wall outside the college building, lost in thought. As I was doing so one day, a labrador that was padding past stopped, sat down looking at me and then moved its' head to touch my knee.


I have never been that fond of dogs and was taken a little by surprise, so I moved my leg away fairly sharply. The dog looked at me again, stood up and walked away.


The overall impression was it thought I was lonely, was offering some sort of support or companionship, and when rebuffed simply went on its' way.


Now, I can't say what was in its' mind. But I am quite certain that humans are arrogant enough to habitually underestimate the intellectual capability and emotional intelligence of those who walk on four legs.

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They certainly do, my dog knows stuff, like when my knee gets bad


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