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Colour Correspondances - Candles

Guest Moongazer

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Colour correspondences – candles


Colour is used in a magical sense quite a lot, in varying ways, and like everything else in this area it can get complicated as there are ‘crossovers’ for colour – when for instance, one colour can be applied to something that another colour is maybe more traditionally used for – but it fits the bill more closely. Intuition is the key, adding that personal slant and interpretation, but to begin with – these are general guidelines for the colour correspondences for candles.


White – All colours and none, so can be used for anything. Neutral. Can signify purity, innocence and be used to represent the moon.


Black – not the colour of black magic and evil at all, tho you can still expect some sideways glances if you go into a department store and ask for them – Black is the absence of colour, it absorbs light, and so is perfect for any working that dispels negativity, or gets rid of something bad – like a habit you want to get rid of, or a run of bad luck.


Brown – is stability, security, good for home and family based workings.


Blue - is health and healing, soothing and peaceful.


Yellow – sunshine – energy and optimism, also connected to the intellect, so very useful for something that requires the application of knowledge – exams for instance.


Orange - is vitality, exuberance, sociability, warmth


Red - is assertion, strength of emotion, strength of will.


Green - is abundance, growth and fertility


Gold - is used to represent the sun, the God aspect

Silver - for the moon and the Goddess aspect


Pink - is love – innocent, pure love and devotion


Purple - is passion, sexuality


Grey is neutral again and not commonly used to my knowledge – and I think this is because the other colours ‘say it’ so much better


Varying shades of colours I feel often resonate better with the intent than others – so don’t stress about not getting a ‘pure red’ for instance. If your intent is to strengthen something within the home – then a brown or brick red is perfect.


Colours for the quarters


This is very straightforward, but again not cast in stone.


East – Air – White

West – water – Blue


South – Fire – Red


North – Earth – Green


I know there are variations to these – this is simply a basic guideline and one I personally find works well. I have however used Yellow in the East at a summer solstice working – as the sun rises in the east, and I have used Brown in the North when I was doing a working that involved being ‘very down to earth’

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

Thanks Moongazer.


Probably the 'easiest to understand' description I've ever found. Most of the others have left me feeling confused.

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It's the crossovers that always get me :o_bounce3: My preference is white or black generally, but for me green is healing :o_biggrin:


Good to see the basics back Moongazer :o_bounce2:

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Yes thank you Moongazer, a very concise and easy guide to candles - I am sure I will call on these very soon.

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smiter, don't forget to add some white candles and green for healing :D


I belive there has to be a bit of a balance, imo.


I can't use blue candles, i just don't like the color of blue, it makes me really manic and edgy!! lol


I use green for healing~money


pink for friendship and soothing


Now red, comes in different shades, but I see it as passion , love, quickening of spells.


Purple~ passion, but mostly for higher spirituality..to connect with my higher self,

spiritual growth, connection.


. esp would use if I was going to attempt an Out of body experience.. i think? or would I want candles lit?? hmm ..


I always like to have a Goddess white candle lit, too.


Blessings Whispered


another good post! thanks for starting it moongazer! :o_nono:

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I agreed with most of that original post - very well explained :)


I also see purple as more of a spiritual colour too - think Chakras :D


I also use browns and greens for earth

yellow and white for air

reds and oranges for fire

and blues and greys for water


I don't follow with gods and goddess, so for me the gold and silver are just sun and moon energies.


Black is very usefull - trouble is there are only 2 shops near me that actually sell black candles :o_wave:



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  • 2 months later...

i would also like to add these colours for candle use.


indigo: force of will,assertion of personal desire & personality from mental spiritual plane.Pure intention of command.


violet: builds & strengthens connection to higher self & higher mind.Dignity,self-assurance,healing of the spirit & inner self,progress,enhances psychic abilities & powers.Can also be used in meditation rooms or for alter.


gray: stalemate,neutrality,cancellation.



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  • 9 months later...

Just to add, purple is also traditionally used for spells involving power, especially legal power, and for ancestral work.

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