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Its strange that everyone in life is looking for acceptance, from others, and from themselves. I have been readily accepted into the forum, and I hope one day to be accepted as I am, as a friend, a witch by all of you who I will get to know.


Those of you that read my approval post will know that i off strayed off the path over the last two years, and am here, looking for some kind souls to give me some helpful directions, and words of encouragement to find my path again. I am also looking to help others, in what little way I can.


I am looking for friends, for magickal partners, for mentors, for study buddies, and the shinning beacon of hope that is a magickal circle.


If you can help me, or feel i could help you, please do not hesitate to contact me, even just for a little natter.


Blessed Be

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

Okay, well, first piece of advice I'd give to you is to beware anyone coming to you with advice.


Especially if they offer to be a mentor. Young females looking for help in occult matters are tasty snacks to certain types.


Don't jump into anything, but just chill out and hang around for now. Maybe find a moot to go to, but wind your enthusiasm to find teachers and mentors in a little bit and be very cautious.


I'm pretty sure there's a moot in Bath and there's definitely one in Bristol. Just... yeah... be aware that asking for people in quote such an open way can attract the wrong types.


Hell, it attracted me, and I'm definitely the wrong type...

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haha- i think that depends on the definition of "wrong type".


I can see your point, that some people would use this as a chance to abuse trust etc, however, Im hoping there are at least a handful of good souls here, so that i wont be misguided. I do have several years experience/knowledge, but just need help finding my way again.


Thank you for your honesty :lol:

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There are lots and LOTS of good, genuine, kind people out there but, it has to be said there are also an awful lot of egos and money grabbers. There are far more people in life who like to think they are special than actually are and like Alistair I would urge you to take your time and find your feet.


While I can't really imagine anyone on the site taking advantage, people never fail to amaze me so measure twice and cut once.

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Thank you for your kind advice Xalle, Im just hoping to find my feet sooner rather than later, after an unhappy two year break; i dont know where to go from here, and have been reading the starters orders.


Blessed Be :lol:

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Just do a web search for 'Bath Pagan Moot'. There's one there called the Opthalmos Moot or something similar. If you find that, you're on the right track.

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  • 1 month later...

Acceptance is something that is often over looked in our line I feel - back years ago when I first started getting Interested in general paganisum Iattended a moot where after a few drinks the women in

the group all turned to me and ask me a lot of personal questions to do with becoming a pagan, needless to say things have changed for everyone.


If your a newbie just starting your journey onto the path the best advice I can give you is tell the truth and be yourself, don't get forced into doing something you are un-sure about ! ak as many questions are you want

a true pagan or wiccan /druid will help show you and teach you the basics of understanding, NOT evenryone knows everything (and if they say they do they are lieing) there are may paths out there no one can choose it for you.


Acceptance in becoming part of a group comes from the heart - speak your mind and be honest and you'll do fine.

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    • Earthdragon
      Rather than avoiding the forgetting of their deity, maybe one can use ritual to say hello in a formal way. In between times there can be all the more casual familiarity that is befitting the relationship.
    • Moonsmith
      One of the issues of long membership here is that we oldies - sorry, long serving members - have given answers to a lot of the questions raised here many times.  That’s not a bad thing and if I look back to 2009 I can see that my Paganism might have shifted but my way of expressing it is vastly different.  So:  Something that hasn’t been asked for a bit. Something that everyone can answer however new or established.  What IS Paganism in 2021?  Why are we Pagans at all?  Do we have anything in common? “We” is all of us, with or without labels or groups.
    • Moonsmith
      I was thinking exactly that as I read the earlier part of your post.  If you know what effect you are striving for it must be easier to focus on the task.  Nothing to do with ritual or mindfulness but if you get chance, video bats in slomo.  Then replay with the sound on.  It’sa beautiful way to contemplate the little animals.
    • Ellinas
      That could be an interesting experiment...
    • Stonehugger
      I imagine the repetition of doing something regularly, using a clock or the sun or whatever, could contribute to its meaning and significance. For me, making coffee using a slow technique such as an aeropress has a sense of ritual about it which isn't there with instant coffee or a nespresso machine, but maybe that's because I overlap ritual with mindfulness, and it's easier to be mindful when the activity takes long enough to create some mental space (although, come to think of it, reframing the time something takes can be a useful exercise, such as the sequence of senses evoked by snapping your fingers if you can slow it down enough in your head perhaps. I'm now wondering about filming myself in slow motion snapping my fingers...
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