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[Wiccan Web] Things I Wish I'd Said To A Young Evangelical

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UK Pagan

By John Beckett


It's happened to all of us. Someone offends you and you walk away in anger, after you get home you think of the perfect witty comeback. A friend is hurting and you feel useless, a week later you think of what you could have done to help. Sometimes we can't . . .


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My reaction to John Beckett was "what a generous and thoughtful man" ! I have tended to veer away from explaining myself and my beliefs to evangelical xtians since I know all about them - I was brought up in such a family and church from as far back as I can remember until I was 19 and left home. I never told my parents of my shift in belief and religion for fear that they would completely freak out ... I have seen what some xtians do to "cast the devils out of witches .. "

But, yes, as John Beckett says, it would have been itnteresting to explore why the young xtian evangelical was at that festival and what he hoped to discover. The other side of me says, it might have been a mission to convert everyone - or anyone - for one's personal ticket to heaven !

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Quite so. But I fear we know in our hearts of hearts why he was there, and what he will have taken away


Talking would have been a good thing to do if the words would have been heard. But if not, then it's a dialogue of the deaf


gwyn eich byd



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