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[Wiccan Web] How Do Pagans Know What's Right or Wrong?

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UK Pagan

By Patti Wigington

I was raised Christian, and have been trying to study Wicca and Paganism. For Christians, there is the Bible and the Ten Commandments to tell them what is right and what is wrong. Wicca doesn’t have anything like that, so how do Pagans and Wiccans know what is moral and what is . . . → Read More: How Do Pagans Know What’s Right or Wrong?


This one came through on the RSS feed, and I guess it's one of those perennials that we get asked sooner or later. So, how do you answer it? And how do you counter the argument that "we grew up in Christian country so we're just using their rules?"

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Guest Nelly

Very interesting & not something I had thought about before.

I think some of it is due to being brought up in a Christian country, you cant help but be influenced by others to some extent

As a child I think a lot of it has to do with what you are taught & who taught you. I learnt right & wrong from my parents - neither of who were very religious - but as Ive got older my views have changed & my morals are different to theirs. No majorly so but slightly.

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