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[Wiccan Web] The Old Ways Back In The Old Days

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By Melusine Draco :

Sooner or later, we always come to the question of what Old Craftwitches believe, and although my old tutor, Bob Clay-Egerton firmly held the philosophy and opinion that all faiths were One and all Paths led to the same Goal, he did not advocate what is now referred to as ˜eclectic paganism"™. . . .

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To quote from the article:

An old-fashioned witch might not have had the enquiring mind or educational opportunities of her 21st century counterparts, but she had the advantage of absorbing an oral tradition that had persisted for hundreds of years. Lacking in intellect but not in application, the witch of yesteryear would probably have fully understood the sentiments expressed in a collection of spiritual essays dating from 1897 [The Treasure of the Humble], wherein the author writes about Ultima Thule – the extreme limit – and which also can be applied to traditional Craft. we must have faith.


The kernel of a traditional witch’s faith, however, is a belief in a definite association of force (or energy) within special localities, and the notion of natural energy influencing cause and effect. ...According some anthropologists, animism is the grass roots of all religion, and so the theory was consigned to the box of ‘primitive thought’ … but it’s the nearest we can come to understanding what presses the spiritual buttons of the traditional witch.


does this ring true for anyone here? I admit it does not for me, for various reasons - not least because I would question things put forward as facts in the above quote. I notice the article is by a "trad coven" based on a book it has published. Is this more to gain money than to share any real knowledge?

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I'm afraid I do not have much time for anything based on the work (or sayings) of Evan John Jones! It does not chime with me - I don't believe that force or energy needs to be associated with special localities and I do not recognise the statement concerning "the notion of natural energy influencing cause and effect" - just words !

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