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Using Herbs In Spells

Guest Cerridwen

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I don't really do a lot of spells and those I do are just really simple candle magic. I have read different things you can use in spells like herbs, crystals etc.


If you was using herbs in a spell how would you use it do you place herbs around the candle? Or can you use herbs in a spell without a candle? Same goes for crystals how would you go about using those in spells.


Sorry to sound thick but, if you don't ask you don't get :)


I know all spells are different but, just wondered generally...

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

I don't really use crystals so my answer is confined to herbs :) You can use herbs in spells in a number of ways - and not all of them require a candle!


You can use herbs as an offering - some god/desses have herbs which are particularly special to them. For others, you might use a herb which you feel relates well to the reason for the offering - comfrey for healing, parsley to remove bitterness, basil or bay leaves for protection, cinnamon for prosperity or passion and so on... These can be burned, left on an offerings plate, laid around a candle (but out of range of the flame :) )...


Or the herbs' meanings can be the end in themselves. By this I mean that you might be wanting to work to strengthen a particular area of your life, or bring something to someone else's life. In this case, as above, the herbs could be burned as part of the spell, laid around a candle used in the working, or made into an amulet or charm.


Herbs have been used as amulets for centuries. Bracelets of dried hawthorn berries may be worn for protection, or mistletoe carried for love, protection or fertility. Pennyroyal would be placed in the shoes to prevent weariness on journeys, rosemary worn to aid the memory, or thistle carried for energy and protection. Dried hops would be strung and hung in the bedroom of a sick person for peace and healing.


Hops would also be used in herbal pillows, along with a number of other herbs. If you knew someone who had nightmares often, problems sleeping or felt unsettled alone at night, you might make them a herbal pillow filled with lavender, hops or chamomile to aid sleep, or jasmine to lift sadness, or mandrake root for protection... These pillows also offer the chance to use a little stitch-witchery :) sewing the charm into the pillow as well as embodying it with herbs.

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I've only occasionally use crystals in spells, either as an addition to other mixes such as herbs or placed miniature ones in candles or placed larger ones around the candle. I tend to not use crystals for spell work, although I use them daily in many other ways. Herbs are great for spell work if you want to use them, and I can't think of any aspect that Oxon has missed out that I could add too :o_beer: So nice reply Oxon :o_yikes:


Of course crystals are excellent for scrying with as well :lol:

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It depends what I'm working on. When I cast a circle, I usually have some of my gemstones around.. If I'm working on peace or love, I might use rosequartz.


For luck or money spells, I like to burn cinammon and I also like to burn sage, as a purifier.


If I'm making an amulet, me who can't sew!! lol, but I remember the first time, I was outside, sitting in the moonlight, out in the country, at the end of someones driveway.

(so I would feel safer) and had my 4 candles lit, in each direction and someone driving by and asking if I was ok, lol. I assured them , that I was fine :D.


Anyway, that was for a certain something and did reguire some herbs.


Sometimes, for sleep, or I need clarity, I'll go to sleep holding a certain gemstone and lately, I've been putting lavendar oil, on a wet washclothe and sleeping with it , next to me, by my pillow. It just seems to calm and soothe and cheer me up.


Again, lol, I have to recommend Mary Summer Rains books.


She has written such a large collection of well thought out books, very personal.

She's written on dream meanings, animals, the air signs, trees', herbs, etc.

Plus, her own personal spiritual journeys.


so, yes, lol, I do use crystals and herbs, they add to my direction, help me climb higher, give more lift , excellent aids..


so keep studying and praticing and doing!! :D Ground, center and always make sure you have a shield of protection, around you. White light,usually.


I think a BOS, is a great thing to have!!


See, I love this path, bc I'll never get bored!!! :D


Blessings Whisperedwind~

Edited by Whisperedwind
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Depending on the intent of the spell depends on what and how much of a thing I use .. It's never clean cut is it? :rolleyes:


I try to use crystals to get the right "vibration" going. Obsidian and snowflake obsidian are handy to have - I have one of these in my left hand and a crystal I'm using for the spell purpose in my right hand - I can take in the vibration with my right and expell all the negative that could hinder my workings through my left... sounds complicated but imagine it like a water pump - pumping in the clean water and flushing out all the dirty stuff :lol:


If i'm doing a spell for someone else, I use the stones which correspond to their Sun Sign, and sometimes the Tarot Card too :o_perv:


I usually use Herbs for specific healing, or banishing. (a mixture of dried feverfew and salt, ground and scattered around the boarders of my house did wonders for getting rid of unwanted callers :o_cat: )


Hope this answers your question.

love and light,


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I use herbs in charms mostly - in poppets, or in little bags, or they are great for banishment spells, you can just bury them as part of your spellworking and as the herbs rot, so does whatever you're banishing fade away.

Incense as well of course :o_bounce2: Then there are the infused oils, for fragrance or healing or ritual use, salves for anything....I could go on for hours but I already have over in the Allotment :unsure:


blessings WoodSong

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  • 2 weeks later...

interesting thread because i've become interested in using herbs in my work ... learned a lot already :o_grouphug:


as to crystals, i use them quite a lot, mainly i charge them with energy and then carry them around with me or leave them on my altar depending on the type of spell.

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Using herbs in candle magick is real easy :)

I use herbs and wood in candle magick often, depending on what magickla properties i want to add to me candle magick.

To really get the herbs in there an working for you, best way is to make your own candles.

Then you can add the herbs and wood into the mix along with other magickal bits/ body parts etc :huh:

A very , very, basic method is to grate down a block o beeswax into a heat proof jar. (like the jars that you buy scented candles in).

mix in your herbs of choice, shavings o wood, and any other personal things you would like.

Pop a wick into it (you can get these at most craft stores) an press firmly to compact it together.

There you have one very basic candle for use in ritual.

There are other methods of candle makin that you can easily add herbs into the mix, i have just written an article for another website on magickal candle making, that expands much further on this.

If you are interested, drop me a pm and il send you the link to it.



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