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[Wiccan Web] Fairies and their Kin

UK Pagan

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By Bob Trubshaw

The English word ˜fairy"™ comes to us, via the Old French faerie, from the Latin fata, meaning ˜fate"™. This means the roots are with the classical Greek Fates, who were believed to control the fate and destiny of the human race. Early fourteenth century English literature appears to distinguish fairies . . .

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Guest AnthonyHJ

Yeah, it's not a word I like to use much if I can help it. If you can say 'aelfar' or 'daoine sidhe' or 'twyleth teg' then it's best to just say what you mean instead of using a generic term like fairy.

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Guest Teyrnon

It's idle to speculate who the folk known as 'fairies' are, and it is idle indeed to refer to them as 'little', but something might be said about the experience of straying into their territory:


" ...it is faery ground and you cannot measure it nor go round it, for though it is only a narrow piece, times, of the width of three horses head and tail, yet, times, it will widen to eternity and yet again it will shrink to a knife-edge."


(Mary Webb)

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