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[Wiccan Web] Sir Walter Scott and Witches

UK Pagan

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By Zan


Witches everywhere should pay an enormous debt of thanks to the famed Romantic Scots novelist Sir Walter Scott, who out of curiosity and initiative, made it his business to research the Scots Witch-Trials of some two centuries prior. He eventually published his findings (initially written as a series of letters to a friend), . . . → Read More: Sir Walter Scott and Witches


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I have to admit the author of the article's references to the Burning Times irritated me when reading this article but thought you might find it interesting nonetheless.

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Guest Teyrnon

Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border is an invaluable text, particularly for its publication of the 'Ballad of True Thomas' or 'Thomas the Rhymer', an initiatory tale later picked up by Child, John Keats and Robert Graves.

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