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So What Next?

Guest Taliesin

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So I've embrace the Pagan way. From all my reading of books, web sites, forum's and so on, I feel 'Solitary Hedge Druid' is the Path for me. I've started regular meditating and since then things have started to change in my perception of the bigger natural world. Colours seem to be brighter,birds louder, I seem to see a lot more animals around me. I know this is due to me becoming more aware of the natural world. So what's my next step. I'm not sure I want to sign up for courses, I'm not ready for that, I feel there are more .beginner' things to do. I found a great site, Lunas Grimoire which has really helped. Any thoughts on more practical, hand's on things I can do to get me on my way? Oh, and this site is so cool!

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

I suppose it depends what it is that you want to achieve? What is it you want more of?


You could always look at OBOD courses since you're following a Druid path.

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There are lots of Druid orders you could look into such as;


British Druid Order

OBOD as previously mentioned (I am.currently taking the Bardic course)

ADF - I can't spell the name as it's in Welsh

Anglesey druid order


You could also pick up some more books. Phillip Carr-gomm's Druid Mysteries is a good book with practical exercises at the end of each chapter along with Druid Magic written by Maya Magee Sutton although she defines herself as a peregrine druid due to her self initiation ritual in the book, she does have a preface written by Philip Carr-Comm so I would vouch for the authenticity.


Hope this helps.

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Do go exploring but... it might be wise not to commit too early. or else to be prepared to change. There is no harm in that. :)


I know Pomona has always been RR (Religio Romana), but I started out thinking Wicca was the path for me. I even managed to gain admittance into an authentic Gardnerian coven...but things didn't work out. I never, ever, thought of becoming a Heathen. Once I did, I began to realise how druidlike Heathenry is. We have a great relationship with poetry of all sorts - every Heathen hall had its skald and most warriors were expected to be able to take their turn on the harp and sing a verse in a song. We have high regard for the land. I have spent years now paying attention to the cycle of the year, to birds and trees (Pomona - DON'T MENTION THE APPLE TREE! :P)


This isn't, in any way, an attempt to recruit. None of us do that. Just to blow a small signal that the pagan world is much bigger than any of us realise when we embark on this journey. Especially once you begin to meet gods (if that happens to you). And even if it doesn't. It's tempting to want to find a label but, the further I travel, the more difficult things become. As a friend said to me, I'm polytheist first and Heathen second. And after Heathen comes druid..Hellenismos...Kemetic... ;)

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Taliesin, in support of the post from Ses, Philip Carr- Gomm has a number of youtube videos which might be helpful to you. I have certainly found them informative along with books and websites etc.

As a fellow newbie I understand your dilemma in knowing what to do next - I can't even put a name to my path yet -!!

With regard to your meditations, I too have found that useful. I have practiced and taught meditation as part of my job for several years, but last year I got a bit stuck with it. I then started to use a shamanic technique which took my meditation to a new level: at worse my meditations now are relaxing and restorative, at best deeply insightful. Win-Win. One series of experiences was quite remarkable, and really surprised me. There is too much to describe here, but those experiences taught me to keep an open mind and let the universe in. I have started to believe that my path will find me- as it feels it has started to do- rather than me finding my path. In a sense, as soon as I stopped looking, I saw it, and it is unfolding. If that makes sense?!!? Anyway, good luck on your journey.

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    • Moonsmith
      I’ve posted a link (in links) to a BBC article in today’s news just to illustrate a bit of the colourful side of Paganism.  Perhaps it will do something to balance my prosaic take on the subject. i know little of Witchcraft but I enjoyed the article and like her approach.  
    • Ellinas
      👍 It's as good a position as any and better than quite a few.  
    • Stonehugger
      Yes, it was in Nettle's "Who are your deities?" thread. I said "I seem to have become an atheist. That was never my plan, but here I am." Veggiedancer later said it better than me - "I don’t exactly believe in deities as such. I think they come from  our minds. Archetypes, ways of identify or characterising the spirit/ magic/ life or whatever it is we sense around us. Ways our minds try to explain the unexplainable to us???"
    • Moonsmith
      I’m probably second guessing Nettle wrongly but it wasn’t all that long ago that you would have read posts about alters, magic, Shamanism, spells etc. I think it was either Teatimetreat or Drachenfach that had a hex on her handbag and her car.  When the car was stolen it crashed and the thief was caught. I agree and would very much like to see more of the colourful side of Paganism back here.  Quite right Ellinas.  I do not understand how anyone can claim to be Pantheist (or even pantheist) and atheist at the same time even though the most prominent Pantheists do exactly that.  As I’ve said elsewhere: why can’t they call themselves Panists.  The prefix “pan” means everything and everywhere as in “pandemic”.  The god’s name arose from the adjective so it wouldn’t necessarily mean a devotee of Pan. pee ess - it may be worth mentioning that there are a vast number of belief groups under the umbrella word Paganism.  Druids Witches, Polytheist and Shaman are only a small part of what the greater picture of Paganism depicts. Dunno and don’t care are probably the biggest groups.
    • Ellinas
      All the above, plus the impression of a preponderance of atheism is currently, as well as historically, inaccurate.  Certainly, I am no atheist.  I believe MS rejects the term as applicable to himself.  Stonehugger, I think, recently said he had headed in that direction, but I've not seen the other resident atheists for a while. However, our ideas of deity are not the same, necessarily.
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