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Finding My Way....

Guest Leelee

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I've been lurking round this forum, semi regularly bobbing back to it for about a year now.

I was a newbie with a million questions floundering in everything paganism offers. It is a very overwhelming topic and very confusing.

The overall advice I received was to relax and let it come. So thats what I've been doing. I'm still very much a newb and still overwhelmed. However I don't see that as a problem issue anymore. Just exploration and a journey to come.

I don't feel any closer to a path in particular although from the reading I have been doing, there are certain aspects of wicca I feel more comfortable with so I am looking more at those lines. However I do realise that there is no need to pigeonhole myself or declare myself this that and the other. And I am aware that everything is subject to change.

At the moment I'm learning to be more mindful and more at peace with myself.

I'm a believer in the power of positive and negative thoughts and have come to realise how they can manifest as real and have real effects or power over you.

I'm wanting to look deeper into meditation techniques.

I do also feel the desire to get back to nature and be more aware of the earth around me.

I'm off to lose myself while I do some gardening and combine the two.

Sorry for rambling, I just wanted to check in with you all and say hi. :)


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Make a note of what you believe right now.

Don't be ready to change that just because you read something here or elsewhere.


Particularly don't be influenced by charismatic people.


Very particularly step very very warily if you think that some form of deity is making contact. Don't be cowed by it - TEST IT! I have disposed of a more than one "approach" this way.


Hold on to wht you have developed over your lifetime. You have as much to discover about Paganism from your past as anything that might be presented to you in the future.

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Thanks for your replies.

I can see gardening as a good metaphor for this journey. You've gotta put the slog in to see the results. And you've got to be committed. And its certainly not easy.

I'm achey and sweaty but enjoying myself. Talking about gardening now, no metaphor, lol.

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