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Do Gods/goddesses Test You?

Guest bailea

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Hi as i am writing this in Starters orders its obvious i am very new to paganism, so please bear with me if this sounds like a silly question.


do the gods/goddesses test you?


recently i have been learning to meditate with very little success until yesterday, the question that popped into my head during this meditation was "who or what am I?"

(I have always known I am different just do not know as to why as yet) during this meditation I saw visions of walking through a wood land path lots of trees, glorious sunshine shimmering through the leaves, i could feel the warmth of the sun, at the end of this walk in the middle of a very large open field there was a plant with seed heads which i recognized.

on further investigation this morning i have found this particular plant is related to a particular goddess.


could this have been a test? making herself known to me for the answer i was seeking without showing herself.


I apologize if this question is weird, but i thank you in advance for reading

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

Well, they don't make it easy, that's for sure. Almost every theist has a story about how they've been laid a trail of clues that has led them to a deity - or the clues have been so obscure that no recognition was ever made. I don't think it's a test as to your worthiness though, just simply the gods communicate in metaphor, dreams, signs, images and other ways that make it open to interpretation whether they did or not and what they intend from it.


It tends to be the repetition that does it - if you get something that links between impressions you get, that can be a better indication than one-off impressions. It's the repetition that helps you investigate further - reading the myths, talking to others to see if they have ever had similar experiences etc. Just pay attention and keep an open mind - but add a healthy dose to sceptism too - not *everything* is a sign :D

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^^^ I would agree with all that Pomona has said! You could also ask, when meditating, if whoever you think it is, is trying to make contact and if so, could s/he make things clearer ... ?

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Got to ask, but what was the seed?


No idea but it got you investigating and led you possibly to identify the caller!


The difficulty here. Nomis, is that no-one can do this for you - we can speak of our own encounters with deity and even what we did and said - what we saw and experienced - but you can bet that no two encounters are the same and as each of us if a unique human being, so your experience will be unique to you :)


It is my view that, as much as we want to be in contact with deity, they want to contact us - from time to time - to interact with human beings on this mortal plane. I wish you well as you feel your way with this experience! As we sometimes say: "go with the Goddess" !

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    • Moonsmith
      On the contrary - you are the world‚Äôs leading authority on Nettlism and Nettlery at all levels that you choose to explore. ¬†Naturally you are¬†free to¬†apply those (or¬†your own)¬†terms as you see fit.¬†Your thoughts on the subjects vastly exceed the authority of any other metaphysician. ¬†You may well¬†choose to consult others of course but hold onto your own core belief. ¬†Accept illumination¬†but not immolation! i regret that we have given you the view that the site is science biased. ¬†We have had Witches of many sorts, ¬†Norse of many sorts,¬†Druids of¬†several sorts,¬†various polytheisms,¬†Religio¬†Romana, atheists,¬†a Voodunista and a Hellene,¬†among many many others over the years. ¬†Of course there have been untold numbers of ‚Äúunlabelled‚Äú and ‚Äúdunno‚ÄĚ members. ¬†What you see is a¬†transient current configuration¬†as folk come and go. i have always held that were one to obtain a metaphysical balance and put into one pan¬†all the saints, prophets,¬†¬†scholars, priests,¬†gurus etc together with all that is written about beliefs,¬†religion and faith and in¬†the other pan stands a lone¬†individual who is saying, ‚ÄĚ I‚Äôm not sure but I think‚Ķ..‚ÄĚ ¬†Then the pointer on the balance remains central.
    • atky90
      f!n? brilliant, lots of love. will post something soon as I'm now back for a while ūüėāūüėāūüėā
    • Nettle
      Lol points taken gentlemen. I guess what I‚Äôm trying to say is that I understand the terms on a surface level (dictionary definition level), but have not applied them to my way of perceiving and so do not understand them on a more deeper personal level. Well considering you are ‚Äúold farts‚ÄĚ on a bench lol¬†I see that interactions have started to open¬†things¬†up a little.¬†¬†From intuitive leaps to seeking to understand more concrete concepts. For me I did not really come here with a stereotype of what a pagan would be. Possibly I thought a typical member here would be more orthodox in approach in one of the more well known polytheistic belief systems (e.g. the Norse pantheon). Or even one of the more Witch orientated systems (not sure what they would be?).¬†But I find that the more prominent members approach things from a more concrete basis. Somewhat philosophical in approach and informed by science. Which is fascinating and possibly more atheistic in approach? That is why I was interested in learning what deities members¬†recognised, if at all. One of the greatest books I have read is ‚ÄúMemories, dreams, reflections‚ÄĚ by C.G.¬†Jung. It is a biography of Jung and really allowed me to open myself up to my own interpretation. To accept that my way is not wrong¬†(as opposed to a more acceptable orthodox system). And to trust in self for gaining inspiration into self. It allowed me to be me via Jungs example. ¬† ¬†
    • Moonsmith
      The significance of the old farts on the bench is that they are too engrossed in their own thinking and tend not to leave room for the kid with the ear buds.  We need new thinking here in the Valley - before you get used to Valley-think!  New thinking does not have to be anything like established thinking.  Personal definitions, inspirations, doubts and conjectures are all most welcome.  Maybe more so if they aren’t based on established thinking. (New old farts of all ages and odours are also welcome here!)
    • Ellinas
      As I have said before, I knew on another forum, and maintain an occasional contact with even now, a person who was known to see himself as a Christian witch.  Pagan?  Well he was on a pagan forum and fitted in very well, and his concept of deity was not such as would be safely mentioned in many a Christian gathering.   Us lot, learned?  More like Moonsmith's favoured image of the "old farts" on a park bench.  If the concepts have no use to you, I'd leave them be - otherwise you are in danger of joining the realm of "Old Fartdom"
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