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How Did Your Partners/family Deal With Paganism?

Guest Helen Lea

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Isrith - of course. I'm not that devoid of a sense of humour! It's a little dry and occasionally comes over as a tad cynical, but don't take everything (or not necessarily even anything) that I say seriously...

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

My family are very loosely Christian. And i mean very loose, they believe God created the Earth, they believe in Jesus, but for the most part they don't really bother about it. Mum used to be a bit worried about it, mostly because she had no idea what was involved, but when she found out it was mostly me chanting, burning incense and candles and tinkering with mojo bags etc she decided it was nothing to worry about. I won't deny that i get some funny looks at family gatherings but on the whole as long as you buy your round the family isn't too worried what you get up to.


As for partners, well my first boyfriend was a Kabbalistic High Mage, prone to jumping me whenever i'd emerge from the altar room. I've had boyfriends who did not want to know, boyfriends who had no opinion one way or another, and a couple of boyfriends who were madly turned on by it. The reactions have all been positive or neutral. Gods help the first boyfriend i have who has a problem with my Witchery because he won't be a boyfriend for long.

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I have been very lucky in that I come from a totally non-religious parental family. Not anti-religious or militant atheist or anything like that, just religion was a non-entity as far as my parents and my upbringing was concerned. I have been "wyrd" from early on and was very in-your-face as teenager; so at age 13/14 I was known as witch and feminist at school. (Needless to say I was a total outsider and loner, which suited me well enough.)

My first partner knew me as Pagan and Witch -- the latter scared him though. My OH knew also from the beginning that I am Pagan and a Witch -- I could not live with anybody who is not comfortable with me being me. Like Pomona's hubby, mine wasn't Pagan to begin with, but grew into being one rather naturally; he also isn't the theistic, cultivating type -- in that he's totally different to me. I have been through a lot of soul-searching and path-finding during the 10 years we have been together, and at that has been not always easy for him. Everyone who's close to me knows I'm a [Hindu] Shakta and Roman-Germanic Pagan. (Only my partner and very close friends know I'm a witch, though.) My son's school knows I raise him in Hindu and Pagan way, as we have exempted him from RE -- on his own insistence -- and now I have to provide him with "religious educational material" for the weekly RE lesson to work through on his own, which he's surprisingly happy to do. Some people at work know I'm Hindu (because they asked) but really there's no real understanding for anything which is not either christian or non-religious, and I don't bother. I'm really glad I have nothing to do with religious people. Not that I have a problem with them living their way -- live and let live -- but I couldn't be bothered with their "concerns" and attempts of conversion as I hear from Pagans who do have those problems.

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Seeing as I was born into an Evangelical Christian family with my parents as the ministers, any deviation from the one true God was going to be difficult.


My dad has been dead 25 years now but mum is still God fearing Blood and Fire & temperence believer so it not a subject i bring up as I have no wish to cause her further grief as leaving the Church was bad enough.


My token gesture was to make a comment on facebook that i'm now following a Heathen Path. I tried to make it lighter by suggesting honouring the Gods by feasting and merrymaking seemed a great way of practicing religion.

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    • Ellinas
      Making tea and coffee is a daily ritual I would not wish to let go. Daily "spiritual" rituals, also, are important to those who so deem them.
    • Nettle
      For me personally I don’t see the point of a daily ritual.  Does one need to be reminded of who their deity is, lest they forget? The only time I use ritual (and this is not some pre-formulated, prescriptive, kind of recipe that has to be followed to the letter) is when I seek to enter into a different perspective/mind state/awareness.  Such ritual for me also is very in the moment and simplistic. It is wilful expression of the moment, and so is appropriate. In that it is highly adaptive to the situation, as opposed to trying to force a specific set of fixed conditions onto the moment.  But that is just my experience.  Then again I do follow a daily exercise plan that is largely fixed and slowly evolving. So in a way I do follow a daily ritual in this sense. But this ritual  is not so much about connecting with my deities but more about connecting with self.
    • Nettle
      I have only ever been a Christian on paper lol. When visiting hospitals I would give the CofE answer when asked about my beliefs. I didn‚Äôt really even know what it meant. As a child I often prayed to God. But could probably count on two hands the amount of times I have attended church. Obviously at school I sang hymns¬†and recited the Lord‚Äôs Prayer. But I never went deep into it. My family is not religious. I have never been deeply influenced by Christianity. I have always been spiritual though. The weirdest thing is when I started on this journey it actually allowed me to gain deeper understanding of the Christ spirit. For many years I sought a shamanic technique¬†called the ‚Äúfierce eye‚Ä̬†technique. This technique as I believed at the time would allow me to command any spirit. I could banish them or destroy them at a glance. My long search for this technique allowed me to find and connect with many interesting things but never allowed me to unravel¬†the mysteries of the fierce eye technique. One day I had vision. In the vision - between the two doors - I saw a man standing at the corner of a street near to where I live. It was daytime but there was nothing else around. Nothing moved. It was as if every living thing was¬†asleep. I approached the man who as I was drawing closer turned to regard my approach. What I saw blew my mind away. The love I felt emanating from this strangers eyes was so powerful, so all consuming, utterly accepting¬†that I fell to my knees and started weeping with happiness. The love was so unconditional, so total and all encompassing. It took my breath away. I eventually awakened from this vision thinking what the hell was that all about? I did not realise until later that I had been shown the ‚Äúfierce eye‚ÄĚ technique. I had been mistaken in my assumptions as to what the ‚Äúfierce eye‚Ä̬†technique was all about. It was not about destroying something,¬†Commanding something¬†or even banishing something. It‚Äôs power lies in acceptance. I later realised that the being I had seen in my vision was the Christ spirit. The Christ spirit is also a Great Fool.¬† Who would have believed it,¬†that I would find¬†Christ following a pagan path lol. The irony was fitting. And made me realise just how limited I had allowed myself to be. The few times I have gone to church recently since this experience¬†(my son used to attend a CofE school) I feel very happy. Overjoyed even. A little mischievous.¬†I know I am welcome there even though I do not take up the mantle of Christian. I feel at home, accepted, even though I am a pagan. I feel very¬†welcome within the church.
    • Nettle
      I have several. Stone rabbit is one of my guides. He is a stone around the size of a medium sized hand, that is in the shape of a rabbits head (in profile) that I found many years ago and kept. On one side he has a mark that looks like an open eye, on the other side it looks as if he has lost that eye. Stone rabbit is master at navigating mazes/webways. When I want him to see something within the mundane I turn his head so his eye can observe. If I am going on a journey I have his lost eye side observing. He comes on my walks with me and I carry him in a bag around my neck.
    • Roundtuit
      Thank you.  Yes, I'm starting to think it's the journey that matters.   What a gorgeous image!  I'd love to get back to the fells, there's something new around very corner there.    
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