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Questions About Wicca

Guest cherswansea2001

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I'm interested in wicca, don't know yet whether this is the path for me but I've joined some Facebook groups.

Is incense and other such things a big thing in wicca? What kind of gods are there to worship. Sorry if I sound naive but since finding paganism I feel like I have found myself, sounds weird I know, but it feels good. I've been in a bad place for many years and I feel like I am 'coming home' any advice would be appreciated

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

it sort of depends what sort of "wicca" you're talking about. There's iniatory Wicca, where you find a Gardnerian or Alexandrian (or Dianic) coven willing to accept a trainee. In that case, it's really a matter of the coven to train you in that tradition and the coven's preferences.


or there's Wiccan-influenced paganism, in which case it's really up to you what you want to do. :)


In initiated Wicca, people may be polytheists, pantheists, duotheists or various other flavours of belief. Wiccan-influenced paganism tends to go for straight duotheism along the lines of "all gods are one god/all goddesses are one goddess".


Incense may be used or may not be used, in initiated Wicca, depending on the practices of the coven. It may be used or may not be used by any individual following a Wiccan-influenced form of paganism.


I hope this has helped - but I expect it's just compounded the confusion!


If you take a look on the "pagan paths" sub-forum, you'll find a thread pinned at the top which gives an intro to many different pagan religions. You might find that helpful.

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I think wicca often appeals to new followers of paganism due to the fact it is one of the better known and most written about paths,

I would advise anyone new to their path to not rush to find a name for it, many of us never find a named path to follow preferring to pick and choose bits and pieces that suit us and mix it into our own unique path and some don't like to call it a path either, paganism is such a diverse religion/path/lifestyle/word of your choosing lol, I call myself an atheist pagan with animist and pantheist leanings haha this is the closest I can get to describing it. Your path or lack of will become apparent eventually just by your looking into the things which you find interesting or which fit with how you see things along the way


One bit of advice I wish I had been told at the beginning of my journey is when your learning about wicca (or any path really) try to read books recommended by others as there are many books out there that cater more for the teenager wanting to play witch type of person, you probably know the type I mean and they are fine for those that want that type of thing and who will probably go on to the next fad eventually but not so great for those who want it to play a genuine part of their life. I read some real rubbish at the beginning including all pagans worship the goddess, this almost turned me away from paganism as I thought being an atheist pagan was simply not possible mind you I also thought for a while if I had a lock of a boys hair and a red candle I could make him fall in love with me :o_roflmao: : . As MH said pagan paths has some great threads, I used the search feature on here non stop for the first few weeks I was here lol. Good luck on your journey, the beginning is so exiting! Becca :o_rainbow:

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Wot Rebecca said. It might also be worthwhile exploring the nature most Pagans have with Deities (apart from us Atheists who got left of the Deity invitations list). Most Pagans seem to have a working relationship with their Deities. They might honour them, scream at them, make deals with them...... but it is rare to see Pagans out and out worshipping them. Most Pagans have a very immediate and interactive relationship with their Deities and feel they have been tapped on the shoulder by them. Most Pagans tend not to choose the Deities they work with. As I said, I'm atheistic, so I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm way off.


And Rebecca is absolutely right about this being the most exciting time for you. Enjoy soaking it all in and don't rush to find a path or Deity.



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The initiatory Wiccan paths that Moonhunter writes about above, are mystery traditions and are not entirely open for general discussion as there is much oath-bound material and experiences. If, after you have read about some of the wiccan-like publications that there are and still feel drawn to be initiated into a mystery tradition, then as Moonhunter says, you will need to find a coven willing to teach and initiate you - which can be difficult as such covens do not usually advertise!


Because there is so much wiccan-like material out there, you may find that you can create for yourself, a practice that suits you with emphasis on the things that interest you. You don't have to seek deity - if they want to associate with you, they will make themselves known or not ... as the case may be! You don't have to believe in them and as you will see here in The Valley, we have several atheist or agnostic pagans - and all and every other variety!


I wish you well on your journey and that you find what you are looking for!

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    • Ellinas
      It happens rarely. My clearest recollection is of realising that I was dreaming of driving my first car.  I decided it would be interesting if it would fly and then decided to disappear into a mass of red clouds. I've also found myself facing some rather unfriendly, snake eyed rabbits in a warren.  I think that was my first lucid dream.  I had been flying (again) over the countryside and decided to go underground.  I was very young at the time. Nothing deep or particularly spiritual, I'm afraid.  Imagination plays more of a part in my practice than does lucid dreaming.  
    • Earthdragon
      Hi everyone, Hope you're well.  I've been discussing lucid dreaming with a friend and it led me to want to ask folk on here how, if at all, lucid dreaming forms part of your pagan path?  Some of my experiences of a heightened sense of reality, vividness and impactfulness of experience, have been through lucid dreams.  The feeling of being aware that one is dreaming and able to make conscious choices and even alter the 'outer' aspects of the content of the dream is quite unmistakable.  I've engaged with some whom I consider to be personified deity and Otherworldly mentors in this way. Experiences that I'll always carry with me. I would love to hear of your thoughts or experiences of lucid dreaming. Best  ED
    • Moonsmith
      I’ve posted a link (in links) to a BBC article in today’s news just to illustrate a bit of the colourful side of Paganism.  Perhaps it will do something to balance my prosaic take on the subject. i know little of Witchcraft but I enjoyed the article and like her approach.  
    • Ellinas
      👍 It's as good a position as any and better than quite a few.  
    • Stonehugger
      Yes, it was in Nettle's "Who are your deities?" thread. I said "I seem to have become an atheist. That was never my plan, but here I am." Veggiedancer later said it better than me - "I don’t exactly believe in deities as such. I think they come from  our minds. Archetypes, ways of identify or characterising the spirit/ magic/ life or whatever it is we sense around us. Ways our minds try to explain the unexplainable to us???"
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