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Guest John Welch

Belonging To A Place

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Guest John Welch


The goddess who became India and an island in Australia is an example of locality of belief. Gauri and Gurree seem to be the same.



The Creation of Fraser Island (K’Gari) – a Butchulla Legend


(From stories told by direct descendent and Elder of the Butchulla people – Olga Miller)


Beiral, the great God in the sky, made all the people. But after he made the people, Beiral realised that the people had no lands! So Beiral sent a messenger, Yendingie, to solve the problem and create lands for the people. Yendingie came down from the sky, and set to work to make the sea, and then the land. When Yendingie arrived at what is now known as Hervey Bay, he had a helper – the beautiful white spirit called Princess K’Gari.


K’Gari was a great helper, and helped Yendingie make the sea shores, the mountain ranges, the lakes and the rivers. Princess K’Gari enjoyed her work very much, and worked tirelessly to create all this natural beauty. One day Yendingie was concerned, and said to her, “K’Gari, you better rest, otherwise you will be too tired to continue our work. There are some rocks over there in the sea. Why don’t you go and lie down and have a sleep?”


So Princess K’gari lay down on the rocks and had a long and deep sleep. When she awoke she said to Yendingie, “I think this is the most beautiful place we have ever created. Please, Yendingie, may I stay here forever?” “Oh no, K’Gari, I cannot allow that. You are a spirit, and you belong here with me!” But K’Gari pleaded with him, “Please, please Yendingie … I could still look up into the sky and see what you are doing. I would love to stay here.”


Finally Yendingie agreed. “You may stay here, but you cannot stay in spirit form. I will need to change you.” So he changed her into a beautiful island. So she wouldn’t be lonely, he then made some beautiful trees and flowers, and some lakes that were specially mirrored so that she could see into the sky. He made creeks and laughing waters that would become her voice, and birds and animals and people to keep her company. He gave these people knowledge and laws, and told them what to do, and how to procreate, so that their children and ancestors would always be there to keep K’Gari company.


And she is still there today, looking up at the sky in one of the truly most beautiful places on earth! She is very happy in, and as, “paradise”.


"In the Butchulla people’s language, Fraser Island was known as “K’gari” (pronounced “gurri”) meaning “paradise”. Butchulla translates as “the sea people”.



Goddess Gauri is one of the manifestations of Goddess Parvati. She is the

divine energy, Mother Goddess. Parvati is "she of the mountains".


Kingdom of Shiva: - Google Books Result




Sivkishen - 2015 - ‎Religion

As the time passed, Parvati grew up to be a stunningly beautiful,

charming, and alluring woman hoping to win His love. ... desolate cave

and transformed it into a pleasure garden filled with the fragrance of

flowers and the buzzing of bees.


Shakti Peethas are shrines or divine places of the Mother Goddess.

These are places that are believed to have enshrined with the presence of

Shakti due to the falling of body parts of the corpse of Sati Devi, when

Lord Shiva carried it and wandered throughout Aryavartha in sorrow.






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moving this to the Reading Room

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Guest John Welch

Beside the river Forth, they say rainig an bhailceach " comes. the. strongman". In Australia they say ringbalin " moving slowly (with) the warrior". These are both from original language through Gaelic and Sanskrit. Baal meaning "owner" was a Semitic name which Indo Europeans borrowed . By coincidence , the ritual of Bhealtuinn May day , of Bhealtuinn bailceach "May. strong floods" , is near the time of Ringbalin ritual at the end of April when the Agastya star ( Canopus) rises, signalling the start of calm seas and trade winds . Agastya was the Indian astronomer who assisted navigation from India to Indonesia where he has temples with Buddha.

Baal storm-god was known at Frankfurt in Roman times as protector of sailors in North sea navy fleets. Balin was the son of Indra , rain god in Bali Indonesia. Ringbalin remembers the creation of the central rivers in Australia.

Fires in Scotland's Beltane bailceach and Murray river Ringbalin camp-fires have seen dancing under the stars and Scotch mist.

Edited by John Welch

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