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The Hare

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My grandad had a lot of trouble with rabbits on his allotment. Short of steel cages there was little we could do. From a child's perspective, the fact that they were eating the family's food was irrelevant, i was entranced. But i was only 5 or 6 years old and everything was shiny and new.


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I have an affection for Hares and without a doubt they possess something otherworldy....a special character and spirit.


I am active in several ways to try and protect these beautiful animals as they are more vulnerable than rabbits in many ways. Hare coursing is a massive problem at the moment particulary in the east of England and the mountain hare culling continues unabated on the grouse moors of Scotland. At least Cambs, Linc and Norfolk police are now trying to seriously tackle the coursing. The more traditional organised blood-lust of the beagle pack hunts continues despite it being officially illegal too! :angry:


I'm a member of the Hare Preservation Trust and if you love looking at hares then there are loads of amazing pictures posted up regularly on the Trust's Facebook group with contributions from all over the place. I think you can join it without being a member of the Trust.



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I support the Hare Preservation Trust. I think they do marvellous work :)

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