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Guest John Welch

Capricorn , Pan And Crocodile

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Guest John Welch

This is a branch off the "Hindu" topic so as to not derail that thread.

Apart from gods that have parallel roles ( sun, thunder , war , mother ) there are animal symbols which have clear lines of links. One of these is the deer or antelope-fish . It appeared in Assyria then in Babylon where the father-god was Ea "antelope of the deep" as a symbol of wisdom rising from the oceans. His sign was Capricorn and Aquarius the water-carrier which marked December. He was the gate-way of the dead.

Pan the goat became a goat-fish on the Nile river and was the gate-way of the dead. The crocodile Hapi was the water-symbol of Egypt and brought the Nile out from between mountains. He is lit by the December sunrise at Hapshetsup's temple. ( Was the crocodile and Pan the origin of "Peter Pan"?)

In India , the Makar Sankranti festival marks January where Capricorn is now . Makar is the crocodile or elephant-fish , dolphin , or deer-fish .

In Indonesia , it is Makara and is carved on temple pillars as a gate-way of death. It is on water-spouts.

Sanskrit kadhi means "ocean" and Kadimarkara in south Australia at salty Lake Eyre is crocodile , found as fossil bones , and tree trunk fossils which held up the sky, and means water-springs. The lake is Kati Thanda " meeting place of bosses" and Indonesian kuti tantu Is " Buddhist temple . world-order ".

There is also an Aboriginal legend of Garriya the crocodile which seized people and went into underground springs.

Gharial is the crocodile of India and Indonesia named for the "ghara" bowl-shape on its nose.

Fossil crocodile and fossil tree-trunk are in South Australia Museum , the last resting place of Ea of Babylon.

The naval Capricorn , the battering-ram on Greek Roman war-ships was seen in ram-barges of Norman England . English were not Hindu but have a December ritual.

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Moving to the Reading Room is it doesn't seem to be a discussion :)

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