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Crystals / Amulets

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Hey Isrith how about a thread to show photos of the stones we have. With the amount my OH and myself pick up it might turn out to be a long one we have an area the other side of the summerhouse and instead of paving it we have covered it with pebbles and rocks hehe

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

OK, let us talk of lettuce...


Love salad, personally. Does that mean I'm more open to the "energy" of a lettuce than I am of a piece of carnelian?



The ancient Egyptians regarded lettuce as an aphrodisiac. Hence it being the favourite food of sex-mad Set and featuring as one of the weapons in his explictly sexual war with his nephew. Personally, I'd hazard a guess that, for a Kemetic, lettuce came above carnelians but below lapis. :P


I must confess, it'll take a heck of a lot more than a lettuce sandwich to cause a stirring in the Netherlands. Perhaps us Hellenes are immune...


Okay.... you're all strange. Hilarious, but strange!


:o_baeh: :o_loony:

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So while I was at the British Museum last month I came across this example of the potency of crystals, this time from native people of the Pacific Northwest (America). Apologies for the poor quality of photos, light reflecting off the glass case causes problems.



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It's an example of belief concerning the origin, potential and significance of crystals. That's not quite the same thing as the "potency". But it is an interesting example of how a society has taken these objects and given them a ritual use.

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It's an example of belief concerning the origin, potential and significance of crystals. That's not quite the same thing as the "potency". But it is an interesting example of how a society has taken these objects and given them a ritual use.



Well, I'll have to disagree with you there, Ellianas.


The Pacific Northwest tribal "Potlach" was a wondrous thing in that a tribe had so much bounty - such an excess of food and goods - that they invited neighbouring tribes to a huge feast where they would give away much of their wealth, only to repeat again the following year. The crystals' action was in attracting and allowing such bounty for the tribe, and that is almost certainly why only a chief was allowed to keep the crystals - because the crystals' medicine was so strong.


That sounds pretty damn "potent" to me ;-)

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So if they happened to have a bad year - as must have happened now and then - was that a sign that the crystals were a tad tired?


Sorry, but whilst I accept, on current information, that a tribe may have considered that the crystals had the power in "attracting and allowing such bounty", I suspect the vagiaries of the weather and the tribe's strategy in dealing with the challenges inherent in the world around them actually had more to do with their success.


I am even prepared to accept that belief in the crystals may have concentrated and focussed the efforts of the tribe leading to greater success.


But I've yet to be convinced that a piece of shiny mineral actually brought better hunting or more fruitful gathering.

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So be it. To each his own. I'm not here to try and convince you or change your belief.


However I will add that there have always been people who believe that certain objects have a spirit of power dwelling within them, and that such spirits may be asked to work with them to bring about a desired result.


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That's not to say that substances don't have qualities that science either ignores or hasn't managed to explain. But such qualities are a matter of personal experience and belief until such time as some basis for those qualities is proven. And I am left in the same position. No-one seems to understand what these supposed "energies" or "vibrations" are.


Energies.......er...... you know....... um...... yeah, energies.


That pretty much sums up every response I've ever had to my queries about the properties of crystals. Energy is measurable, that is one of the defining qualities of energy.


How do people tune into miniscule vibrations in a quartz crystal and manage to ignore the energy in the countless energies in the buildings they are in or the rock beneath their feet?


What does cleansing a crystal mean? How can it get dirty or unclean?


How does sticking it in flowing water or out in the full moon make the slightest bit of difference to it?


Why are the supposed properties of various crystals beneficial? Where are the ones which will kill you (not through eating, but by their vibrations)?


Why are pretty ones the ones considered useful...... why not a lump of granite?


And what about the fact that crystals sold in shops have generally been torn from their natural matrix and their natural shape destroyed?


What about the ethics of mining them?


What about the fact that some people claim properties in something like goldstone, not realising it is a form of man made glass?


I'm not being sanctimonious here....... I used to earn a living making jewellery out of gemstones, but one has to live and learn.






I have seen this post way past its hot topic stage, but found it very interesting, lots of great contributions.


I'm pretty much on the fence regarding crystal energy, I would love to believe, but don't we all want to believe. Not sure if I have successfully used a quote, probably not, but thought the idea that energy is only energy if it can be measured is interesting. Is nuclear energy beyond blast measurable or is it simply pollution then? my point being it is invisible so perhaps there is energy but we only know because tools have been developed to measure it? I believe a law of physics is no energy is ever destroyed, it changes into something else, so the incredible energy that forms rocks, crystals could somehow be transformed into something we yet can detect. Sorry for gibberish, but nice idea!

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I don't think anyone is saying that energy only starts to exist once someone works out how to measure it, or ceases to exist if it goes beyond measurable levels - that would be an entertaining philosophical position but not of much practical use. But, if it cannot be observed, at least in a crude and basic fashion, why assume its' existence?


I have yet to be convinced that so called crystal energy is not better explained in other ways - including confirmation bias based on beliefs concerning that energy. In other words, I have seen nothing to justify my formulating a belief in their efficacy.


I may be wrong; I will accept that once someone works out how to measure it, if it exists.

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    • Nettle
      I have only ever been a Christian on paper lol. When visiting hospitals I would give the CofE answer when asked about my beliefs. I didn‚Äôt really even know what it meant. As a child I often prayed to God. But could probably count on two hands the amount of times I have attended church. Obviously at school I sang hymns¬†and recited the Lord‚Äôs Prayer. But I never went deep into it. My family is not religious. I have never been deeply influenced by Christianity. I have always been spiritual though. The weirdest thing is when I started on this journey it actually allowed me to gain deeper understanding of the Christ spirit. For many years I sought a shamanic technique¬†called the ‚Äúfierce eye‚Ä̬†technique. This technique as I believed at the time would allow me to command any spirit. I could banish them or destroy them at a glance. My long search for this technique allowed me to find and connect with many interesting things but never allowed me to unravel¬†the mysteries of the fierce eye technique. One day I had vision. In the vision - between the two doors - I saw a man standing at the corner of a street near to where I live. It was daytime but there was nothing else around. Nothing moved. It was as if every living thing was¬†asleep. I approached the man who as I was drawing closer turned to regard my approach. What I saw blew my mind away. The love I felt emanating from this strangers eyes was so powerful, so all consuming, utterly accepting¬†that I fell to my knees and started weeping with happiness. The love was so unconditional, so total and all encompassing. It took my breath away. I eventually awakened from this vision thinking what the hell was that all about? I did not realise until later that I had been shown the ‚Äúfierce eye‚ÄĚ technique. I had been mistaken in my assumptions as to what the ‚Äúfierce eye‚Ä̬†technique was all about. It was not about destroying something,¬†Commanding something¬†or even banishing something. It‚Äôs power lies in acceptance. I later realised that the being I had seen in my vision was the Christ spirit. The Christ spirit is also a Great Fool.¬† Who would have believed it,¬†that I would find¬†Christ following a pagan path lol. The irony was fitting. And made me realise just how limited I had allowed myself to be. The few times I have gone to church recently since this experience¬†(my son used to attend a CofE school) I feel very happy. Overjoyed even. A little mischievous.¬†I know I am welcome there even though I do not take up the mantle of Christian. I feel at home, accepted, even though I am a pagan. I feel very¬†welcome within the church.
    • Nettle
      I have several. Stone rabbit is one of my guides. He is a stone around the size of a medium sized hand, that is in the shape of a rabbits head (in profile) that I found many years ago and kept. On one side he has a mark that looks like an open eye, on the other side it looks as if he has lost that eye. Stone rabbit is master at navigating mazes/webways. When I want him to see something within the mundane I turn his head so his eye can observe. If I am going on a journey I have his lost eye side observing. He comes on my walks with me and I carry him in a bag around my neck.
    • Roundtuit
      Thank you.  Yes, I'm starting to think it's the journey that matters.   What a gorgeous image!  I'd love to get back to the fells, there's something new around very corner there.    
    • Stonehugger
      I've had varying degrees and natures of commitment to Christianity since I was at school but I've also always had pagan leanings and for quite a long time now my path has been entirely pagan. It's unproblematic in that my family and friends think it's harmless eccentricity, but I imagine it would be different if I took a strongly pagan stance on something. For me personally it's important to listen to what's going on around me and work out my path accordingly, so I celebrate the presence of many paths up the same mountain and have no concerns about reaching the top. I imagine that, like almost any walk in the fells, what currently looks like the top is just another place to see the next top from. Definitely!! ūüėĀ
    • Ellinas
      Well, I've been called many things in my time... I'm also a former Christian, with a chequered history (Anglican, in the guise of the Church in Wales, then Plymouth Brethren with the odd foray into the Baptists along the way).  I fell out with Christianity in the early 2000's, when I was late 30's, early 40's. Since then, the general nature of my meanderings has remained fairly constant, but the details and contents have changed over time.  That's fine.  The journey is the issue, not the destination.  Ithaca calls, but Phoenician markets and Egyptian cities have the greater import (poetic reference - just means follow your path and hope to arrive late, if at all).  What I believe tomorrow may be very different to what I believe today.  What I believed yesterday is just a stepping stone. In short, don't worry about what you have been, as it is merely the pathway that got you to what you are, and don't worry about where you are going, there are any number of bye-ways for you to explore. As to others - I have struggled with family pressures and the tyranny of monotheistic faith.  I understand your position and have no issue with a softly-softly approach such as you describe.  In fact, it is the best way unless you are prepared to create and weather a family rift. Dangerous statement.  Talk about tempting fate...!
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