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A Moral Tale: Patience

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Returning alone and his face covered in blood not his own, a man swears to avenge the death of his two friends, and kill the bear who attacked them. Blinded by rage, he refused to heed his family's warnings against hunting when enraged. There were traps out in the forest to catch bears and trespassers. After cleaning himself off and taking new weapons, he left to shed blood and would not return until blood was shed.


After crossing the river he see the bear, with blood crusted on its fur, walking directly towards him, but it had not seen him. He wanted the bear to know he was coming and screamed. The bear stopped in its tracks on the edge of a clearing. The man started running towards him with a spear in one hand, an axe in the other. The bear let out a soft roar in warning, but seeing the man would not stop, stood on its hind legs. As it got back down to start running, the man felt no soil beneath him. As he looked away from the bear, down to his feet, he saw himself drop into a rocky pit where he fell to the bottom, breaking a leg.


The bear immediately stopped seeing the man fall, and instead slowly pattered over to the hole and looked down into it. He looked at the man, and the man looked at him. The man realized that, had he listened to his family, it would have been the bear in the pit, and him looking down into it, for the bear was walking towards him, and thus towards the pit, oblivious to the man's presence. The bear grunted, and walked on, as it had intended, to catch trout in the shallow river beyond. The man was not patient, and in turn spent the rest of his life waiting.

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