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How To Tell If A Teaching/group Is Authentic?

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On 5/5/2020 at 9:49 PM, Earthdragon said:

Could you possibly explain the concept of consistency in your statement below? What is it that needs to be be consistent in reflecting one's current beliefs?

On 5/2/2020 at 7:44 AM, Earthdragon said:

Consistency is no virtue if it does not reflect actual current beliefs and outlook.


I think we may be at cross purposes - this may not be the puzzle you seem to take it to be.  You need to read the previous sentences as well

On 1/1/2019 at 3:17 PM, Ellinas said:

Therefore, authenticity and truth are both personal.  Truth is mutable for each individual also, but that mutability is a pre-requisite of authenticity.

I'm not actually focusing on "current consistency".  Rather, my main point is that "truth" is purely subjective to every individual at any given point of time.  What I believe today may be very different to what I believed  yesterday.  Certainly it is utterly different to what I believed around 2 decades back.  It may prove to be very different to what I believe tomorrow.  It is the consistency between those changing beliefs I had in view primarily.  In a logical argument, consistency over time may well appear to strengthen a position - at the very least, differences need to be readily explicable in logical terms, itself an aspect of what may be deemed consistent.  However, if an individual decides to change their belief system, each system may well be as internally coherent as the other, whilst being mutually exclusive and inconsistent.  That does not matter  Consistency over time is not an issue in a purely subjective preference.  Its only force is in terms of whatever reasoning underlies the current beliefs - but that does not exclude coherent reasoning underlying the previous belief system, even though that is inconsistent with the current belief system.

To put it more simply, doesn't matter if you have changed beliefs, however radically or to something that is inconsistent with previous beliefs. However, it is good to have an understanding of why the current belief system is right for you - just as it was good to understand why the previous was right for you at the time.

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.


Here are my thoughts about this topic, Authentic most likely exists and there are many great groups, bigger or smaller ones. I would say that a good leader is half of the group. Sometimes it does happen that maybe a group is based upon a pure thing though the group has their own (sometimes even hidden) rules or that they are very selective into whom they allow into their group. For me its really also about this purity, it has to come from within them to have a set of shared beliefs. Creating this bond goes deeper than preforming a ritual or ceremony together. the purer the deeper and the more the group dynamics and common energies can be used for the bennifit of the whole group.

The reason that i am no memeber of any group is that I find some to do opposite things as what they claim to stand for. And I feel that sometimes they exclude others too due to a very tight set of rules. In all respect this is by no means any personal critiscism. It is healthy to ration or reason but if your intuition is aligned than that can be a valid concept too. I think this choice is all rather personal. Another thing is that one should look at what the purpose is to join a group. In my humble oppinion magical work or healing work can not just be "taught". In some ways people connect a system of levels, degrees, a certificate to it. Remember that in the old times it took a lifetime to become a shaman, a druid, a healer etc.

Many a times people were born into a linneage of shamans, healers, witches. The modern times and internet has allowed us bare simple humans to gaze into the crystal ball and there is a world of mazes out there. Now it doesnt matter to receive any certifacate or so. Though for me that would be a sign to internally invest a group. Because some groups only offer theoretical knowledge that one can also find in books. The real learning is into blending. And it also involves your own personal queste, your journey, your life. Through any group work be it magical, healing or other, the layers of the self are peeled off. This can involve stirring, emotions, transcendent and transformational shards of the process. Therefore good leaders and assistants are needed. One has to be aligned with the other members of the group and take care of any part. I would say encouragement and a possitive approach are important. i have seem miracles unfold in the heart of a group. But i have also seen chaos.



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What is "pure" or "purity", and how would one recognise it?

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