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Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

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1 hour ago, moonwolf said:

My cats have part of my personality each, One is a stand offish git the other a total stroke me slut (dont judge me 😁)

As I often say to my own cat who mounts people and licks out their ears while hooting like an aroused owl, we don’t slut shame in this family 😆

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

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I usually avoid this sort of conversation, because it's a wolf. :rolleyes:   Yeah, I know - hackneyed, or what? Hence avoiding these conversations. When I read Facebook, it seems like every teenage

Badgers. Found out unexpectedly there's a family connection and I think they're amazing creatures.

I only once encountered what might have been a power animal whilst in a trance journey ... it was a very lovely chestnut horse. However, I have never again encountered him/her and had no communicatio

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