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Hairy funtybunt

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An old couple living in a rural village are struggling to make the mortgage so decide to take on a lodger...

After seeing a few people they give the room to an attractive 20something, so she moves in and after a couple of days asks the old woman..

" Where's the bath I'd like to have a shower, I've found the toilet but can't find the bathroom" ....the old woman replies

"We don't have a bath as such we pull an old tin bath in front of the fire and use that...."

...the young lady asks...

" But what about your husband? I can't bath in front of him"

....old woman replies..

"Don't worry he plays darts on a Tuesday, he's out all evening you can bath then " .....so Tuesday comes around and the old woman prepares a bath for the young lodger.....as the girl is getting into the bath the old woman walks in and sees the young lady has no pubic hair and remarks...

"Oh my gosh you've no hair on your funtybunt ,do you shave it? Because mines very hairy it always has been"

...the young lady replies....

"No I've just never grown any".....

Well later that evening the old woman is telling her husband about the young lady's lack of hair and he says "never ,I don't believe you , they're all hairy" so she suggests that the following Tuesday she'll leave the curtains cracked a little and he can see for himself....

Tuesday comes, the bath is drawn and as the young lady is getting in the old woman again comes in and says...

" I still can't get over your funtybunt being bald mines REALLY hairy look" and she shows the young lady hers

"Gosh that is hairy" replies the young lady....

So later that night the husband arrives home and his wife says" did you see?what do you think now?" ...the husband replies

"Well I've never seen anything like it you were right.....but I don't understand why you got your funty out..." The wife replies....

" That doesn't matter you've seen it hundreds of times"

....the husband says...

" Yes but the rest of the darts team hasn't!"

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