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On 7/25/2020 at 10:21 PM, hedgerose said:

I may have been in some form of altered consciousness. or I might be imagining it all, but if so it was a mass hallucination that affected the 6 or so of us involved.

Experiences like this are at the core of my own paganism. Creativity which can be practiced but which can also sweep us along in unexpected ways...

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3 hours ago, Earthdragon said:

We don't use require people in our Druidic group to believe in anything as such. We practice our methods, perform our rituals, contemplate meaning within story and poetry it's experiential as opposed to belief based. If it works that's good if it doesn't find something else...there are many paths.

Sounds wonderful.

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8 hours ago, Earthdragon said:

However the vast majority of the  science that we, as joe public, are aware of doesn't incorporate any consideration of non-mechanistic qualities

Of course not.  It doesn't put food on Joe public's table and it doesn't put a roof over Joe public's family.

For you, me and those who are interested it is available.

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Hi JG.

blog entry "Where did 1 come from?"

ED it also defines mathematical zero if that is of interest.

There is lots on the internet about the origin of the number 0.  A lecturer once suggested that the lack of 0 by the Romans and its adoption by the Persians was indicative of the reason that Rome built roads while the Persians drew star maps.

Right mods, no more "nothing" in a thread about religion.  😆

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