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[Llewellyn] What Are Ghosts? And Why Do We Believe in Them?

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UK Pagan

History has shown us that ghosts and the paranormal appear to be almost commonplace, all across the globe. But, ghosts take on so many forms, from a poltergeist to a sound to a visible being. So, what exactly is a ghost? And why do we believe in the? Haunted Castles of England author JG Montgomery explains.

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I find the whole thing about ghosts really interesting, even though I don't believe in the supernatural (well, I keep an open mind given that no matter how much we discover with science, you can always conceive of there being something beyond it, out of reach of what can be measured - but I don't believe anything specific of what that might be, if anything).

I can think of rational/scientific explanations for most of the accounts of hauntings I've come across.

The accounts of hauntings on planes as a result of aircraft parts being salvaged from a particular plane crash and put in other planes is particularly interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90P6sWZPpCc  (though what I find scary is the fact that they thought it was a good idea to use these parts in other aircraft to begin with - never mind supernatural, just from the fact that you can't tell there's been no damage at the microscopic level due to the impact and stresses on the parts that might make them unsafe.)  But apparently they stopped doing this due to reports of hauntings, not safety concerns.  Some interesting stuff in the comments of the video as well.  What's hardest to explain from a scientific point of view is if any of the people who reported the hauntings weren't aware that the parts had been reused.  If you know about it it might prime your brain to interpret ambiguous stimuli as something related to the crash, but if you don't know then your brain isn't primed that way... 

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