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Looking for an Altar cloth

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Hi folks,

Does anyone have a link to suppliers of altar cloths, i havent found anything inspiring or attractive yet

i am happy to do my own embellishments to personalise it , but so far everything ive seen is very bland

Thank you, Boo ❤️:coz_witch:

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Sorry, not something that would impinge on my consciousness.  However, on the basis that altar cloths and table cloths are reasonably similar in basic structure, doing your own designing on a blank canvas, so to speak, may be the approach most likely to provide satisfaction.

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I don't use an alter as such [I used a patch of earth when I need one].

To what extent are you prepared to embellish?  Do you embroider?  Applique?  

I am a Druid so the land calls.  If I lived in Yorkshire then Dales wool would be ideal for me.  Plain cloth in its natural unbleached state then whatever you want.  I'd tie-dye it in woad myself but then I have the outdoor facility where the stench could be allowed to die down.  It's fine after first washing but ALWAYS on its own.  It's a thing of the moment. You'll never get the same colour twice.  Please check but I think an alum mordant gives you a strong blue and wee with woad gives you a range of yellow browns.

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Veggie dancer

I don't use an alter cloth but if I did I would probably make my own. Or at least add my own touches as you said. Natural materials, or something with some sort of significance for me. I think the effort and love you put into creating something contributes to its magic and significance. So for me the creation of it would be part of the ritual. 

Have you tried Etsy? There are some lovely hand made things on there I found you want something ready made. 


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