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Greetings Everyone!

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Hi there, I'm interested to see what I'll learn in this forum and learn more about all of your paths.

I'm an eighteen year old girl based in central (east) Scotland, I hate labelling myself but I'd describe my path as that of a solitary Druid, though I'm still learning and don't want to jump the boat too soon! I also dabble in hedge witchcraft and I'm nuts about the Picts. My ancestors are all from Pictish areas and I've always been fascinated by them.

i started my ventures into paganism pretty young but kept it secret, sadly once mentioning it at school got me into a lot of stick with a catholic teacher.....needless to say i grew paranoid and ashamed of it. Only to bounce back again 8 years later.

I find that nature is my sanctuary, and has helped with a lot of very very difficult times. The more I learn about paganism especially druidry, the more it seems so similar to my beliefs I've held since childhood. 

I'm willing to hear more about everyone here's beliefs, paths and ideas. However similar of different they may be from one another.

take care, have a wonderful day :) 

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Hi there and a warm welcome to UKP 😀

You’re in the same part of the world as me, and I agree, the Picts are fascinating 😀

Have a wander around and get a feel for the site - the Starters Orders section might be of particular interest to you.  Dive in and get posting - looking forward to your input 😊

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I've no idea what you might learn here - it's something with which we're all still trying to get to grips for ourselves, I suspect, regardless of how long we've been here.  Happy hunting, and even happier thinking!!!

Pomona is right - you'll probably learn something by reading, but a lot more by posting.

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Hi Coothie_wee_pecht,

Welcome to the Valley 😃

Labels do seem a bit "slot me into a box" don't they? I am a member of a Druid Grove but that , according to the Druidism that I practise, is not that limiting in terms of beliefs. It's a loose framework of practise rather than anything rigid belief-wise.

I and my partner moved to the Hebrides a couple of years ago. I'm interested in the history of the influx of the Irish into the mainland and Isles - bringing the language with them, together with that of the Pictish kingdoms. They seem to be quite enigmatic don't they?

We're learning the Gaelic language and absorbing the traces of the past that are still imprinted on the landscape. These of course go back way further with the likes of Calanais etc. 

Just as a taster of the Druidism that I practise - we work alot with the Ogham energies, the Celtic mindsets of peasant, landed peasant, tidesman, warrior, chieftain and Druid also the elements earth, water, fire and air with their environmental presences plus their presence within the levels of mind and of spirit - actualised through ritual by the communing with the earth, the sacred well, the sacred fire and the sky. Lots more besides of course - notably communing with the gods , the interpretation of which is always an individual thing...

Anyhow, greetings once more from the Hebrides. Look forward to your posts.

Have a great day also 😃


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Ember Autumn Rose

Welcome 🙂 feel free to dive in to topics whenever you're ready

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Hello and welcome! :)

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