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The Brush and the Feather

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The Brush and the Feather*


Today, I thought to measure my own breath –

and sensed, between each movement of my breast,

a moment’s rest.

I know it must be so –

else I would die.


So, then, my thought moved on, to test my pace,

and, now, I saw, between each rocking step,

a moment’s rest.

I know it must be so –

else I would fall.


My thought then turned to look upon itself,

and knew each flowing image punctuate

a moment’s rest.

I know it must be so –

else mind would fail.


All movement and all life then seemed revealed

as stillness, balanced in a constant dance

of moments’ rests.

I saw that life and death

are both the same.


I knew it must be so .–

else we don’t live.


*The brush is the traditional writing implement of Japanese calligraphy, here representing “Ma”, the Japanese concept of the space between spaces. The feather is a symbol of the ancient Egyptian goddess and concept of “Ma’at”, here taken to represent justice, balance and hence the unifying point within duality.

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