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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Friends

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UK Pagan
The theme today is "Friendships".  I didn't intend for that to be my theme, but who am I to ignore a message from the Universe? 

My friend texted this morning to ask if my oldest could drop by to visit her daughter who is recovering from surgery.  The kids have been friends since kindergarten, and they share a strange, sweet bond.  By 8 a.m., we'd arranged a visit so that her daughter could have some time with another teenager.  I went about getting ready for the toddler's class and didn't think much about it. 

Aislinn made a friend today, and it was so sweet.  She met a new girl at her Nature Explorers class. they bonded when Aislinn showed her how to climb a tree when the little boys wouldn't help.  The two girls were hugging and holding hands and sticking together for hours (which is an eternity in toddler time).  There was sorrow when it was time to go.  There is still, hours later, sniffles at the mention of her friend.

We went to the grocery store before heading home and had another encounter with friendship.  A big, burly guy was chewing his friend out.  The friend was diabetic and was so sick that he couldn't test his own blood sugar. His friend had driven from Oakland (not a generally fun drive) to help.  He made his friend lay down, got him water to drink, and tested his sugar for him, all the while swearing and giving him crap.  It was a loving gesture wrapped in the typical trash talk and salty language I'm used to seeing from young blue-collar men.

Then I called a friend to share a ridiculous story about my kids.  I'd sent a picture of the stupidity, but she needed to hear the wind-up.  When we were done, as she walked into a church for Mass, she sent back, "This is the perfect representation of what you go through every day. Color coding the socks for those with dangly bits and a naked baby in the background."  I'd missed the naked baby when I sent the picture of the stupid, problematic socks. 

Friends provide a great deal for us. One friend may be the voice of reason, another may help you laugh at things when they get overwhelming. They can be your hero or your partner in crime.  If you've been thinking about a friend this week, I'll tell you that it's time to reach out to them. They've been waiting to hear from you. Go, catch up. Share! Laugh! It will make your week that much better.

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