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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Transformations

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UK Pagan
Aiden has reached the age of transformation and it's been a trial for all of us.  He doesn't know what he wants. We don't know what he needs, and it has involved a lot of yelling and tears.  We've been here before with t older son, and we know it this phase ends, but right now, it feels endless and overwhelming to the entire family.  And on top of it, we're teaching the oldest to drive and the youngest to use the toilet.  Clearly, we should have thought all of this through better.

Aiden recently got interested in transforming things.  He watched a few episodes of "Find It, Fix It, Flog It" and it has captured his imagination. I think he sees himself in the pieces of junk that get remade.  He's "rescued" a couple of pieces of furniture from the street lately, and we're working through remodeling them.  One is an old pine coffee table that has been chewed on by a dog and colored on by a kid. The other is a Pier 1 cd cabinet.  There has been sawing and sanding and painting and math (my kids were not impressed I remembered enough trigonometry to calculate the center of the table, which was disappointing).  Eventually, there will be drilling, decoupaging and stenciling.  The coffee table will be the new table top for our garden table (Aiden sawed off the legs on Saturday). The cabinet will be the new home to all the oils and waxes and herbs I use for witchcraft and making candles, soaps, and creams.

I'm frequently exasperated by these projects, but Aiden is finding a hobby that fills him and his time with joy.  He's learned to embrace transformations in objects, and hopefully, it will help him finish transforming himself into whomever he chooses to be.  It's not a bad idea, and if it works, it will be great, and if not, we'll have learned lots of things along the way.

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