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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Learning in place

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UK Pagan
Homeschooling is hard!  My kids have been on Distance Learning, at home for six weeks, and we have discovered that it's really, really difficult for a lot of reasons: We don't have the best space for it; we don't have the right temperaments, and our kids' ages are too spread out for it to be complimentary.  We are also dealing with two different school districts, 13 teachers, and a host of different teaching formats and tools.  We're also being told that next year will not be a normal year, either, even when schools re-open.  It's enough to make me day-drink. 

We've also learned a lot about each other in this, too.  My oldest son is a great self-starter, but he's shy about asking for help.  Our middle child is the opposite.  Our youngest, who hasn't begun school, but is always learning, is great at adapting.  I have no patience for watching videos, and my husband depends on them for lots of stuff. 

All change requires a learning curve, and when preparation is possible, things go more smoothly.  When we find ourselves in situations in which the world has shifted precariously, that learning curve can be daunting.  Patience, forgiveness, and a sense of humor can be great tools to help us cope, but we also must apply critical thinking, intense observation, and acceptance that things must change whether we are ready or not.  It's not easy or comfortable, and it can be scary, exhausting, and it often involves a lot of trial and error.

I hope that those of you who are struggling with our new reality can find resources, humor, support, and patience to keep trying, to keep learning, and to find the healthiest coping strategies your situation allows.  

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