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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Emergency hugs

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UK Pagan
Last night, an episode of a tv show led to a cranky, nihilistic comment from the eldest child, which, in turn, led to a discussion about being the change you want to see in the world.  Of course, teenagers love that, and I have two, so I got double helpings of rolled eyes and attempted escapes from the living room.  At the end of it, my husband and I were hugging and soothing and acknowledging that these sorts of discussions are necessary, but no fun.  Our daughter, who is excellent at knowing when to add a dash of love or cute to a situation, started a new tradition: The Emergency Hug.

She yells, "Emergency Hug!" and throws herself at the hug-ee (henceforth known as the victim).  We are expected to drop what we're doing and join in.  And we did.  She's got us so well trained.  It was fun.  More so than it should have been, and that is the brilliance of it: it's funny, silly, healing, and joyful.

If your household is sour and cranky and in need of a break, you might try the Emergency Hug.  If nothing else, it might shock everyone into a moment of laughter, which can be the best therapy of all. 

Find joy and healing where you can.  It is the best and most useful magic you can master.  Blessed be!

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