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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Make peace happen

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UK Pagan

The -isms are nasty: racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism.  They are subtly seeded into us and are just as easily used against us.  They divide and dehumanize and traumatize.  We all fall prey to them in one way or another. We perpetuate them if we are not vigilant.  They are true weapons of violence and oppression and destruction.

This week's protests and riots are evidence that all of these are at full strength and being used against us all.  A few weeks ago, white, armed protesters invaded statehouses and public spaces with impunity.  Now, people fighting for their very right to live, attempting to do so peacefully, are standing off against the very police they are protesting.  And others are stirring the pot to cause violence, fear, property damage, and anger.  

If we are going heal from this, we're all going to have to pitch in.  As a white woman, I know that one of the biggest contributions I can make is to stop being silent when other white people are being racist.  I can stop letting them be comfortable and assuming themselves to be innocent.  I can be welcoming to others, of all types.  I can press back on elected officials and declare I want to see change.  I don't have to support police officers who are bullies, and I can demand that the police stop being loyal to each other and start being loyal to the communities they serve.  I can stop voting for the status quo, and I can listen when other communities tell me what they need and want.

If you want peace, you are going to have give up some comforts for a while and make it happen, or we will never know it again in this country.  Now or never, my friends, now or never.

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