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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Bird song

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UK Pagan

I went to bed furious and hurting last night, really furious like the sort that burns and stains your vision red.  This week has been an absolute shitshow, pardon the language.  Sunday night, people angry about racism and looking to finally get the attention of the look away privileged white people of the suburbs, looted parts of the luxury shoping mall that dominates the downtown of Walnut Creek.  Obviously, not ideal, but understandable when you've seen how unconsciously racist, unfeeling, and exclusive this comunity is. And I've been watching and experiencing parts of it for 14 years.  I've seen how the police only care about wealthy homeowners. I've witnessed our "leadership" ignore ongoing issues of rising inequality and injustice.  I've even tried to change things using the very tools set up for it, but in the end, I was ostracized and the bullies walked away claiming to victims.  If peaceful means fail, repeatedly, no one should expect anything less than violence.  Monday, a new day, was also to be a day of peaceful protest here.  It ended badly.  It began badly.  Police groups with mutual aid agreements trotted out their military toys and paraded down Main Street clearing businesses as they went.  My husband works at one of those, adn was told the police intented to drive protestors that way, away from downtown towards the freeways. It ended with rubber bullets and tear gas.  I live close enough to Civic Park to have heard the tone of the police as they ordered protesters, who had been nearly all peaceful, to disperse.  I saw video of their show of force.  A child was hurt.  Innocent people had property damaged. I still have the sounds of small detonations and helicopters ringing in my ears.  

I woke up this morning, at dawn, and I was still angry.  I was still hurting. I'm more afraid of the police than I have ever been.  So I got busy. I checked the news.  I checked Twitter.  I wrote an email to the mayor urging her and the entire city council to fuck off and resign, not in those words, but definelty that tone.  I checked to make sure my doantion to ACLU went through.  I started a letter to the police chief.  

As action began to temper anger, I heard the birds singing.  As they sang there way through the dawn hour, I felt heard.  Not by people, who can be unbelievably deaf to, well, everything, but by the sacredness that exists around us.  Things can chane. We can thrive in tough times, but like the birds, we're going to have get up, greet the day with song, and get to work.

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