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A few months ago, I was talking with a good friend about her work as a therapist. This is pretty much a daily occurrence.  Many days, she has something frustrating to vent as she works mostly with kids who are really, really struggling.  Adults aren't always sensitive enough to what these kids need, and it's frustrating for her.  Other days, there is a bit of celebration; every once in a while, she gets a moment of triumph.  It's not easy dealing with the combined effects of poverty, racism, mental health problems, and bureaucracy.  My friend, I think, was born to do it.  It's literally in her blood.

As sometimes happens, I got called on to pass along a message from a spirit- her grandmother.  Her grandmother, who I had met only a couple of times before she passed, was standing right next to me in my kitchen, towering over me and in full color.  She wanted me to remind her granddaughter that her ancestors were waiting to help her through this, to support her in a way her living family is incapable of.

It was a good reminder that the energies we need to feel supported on our life's journey may be right there, waiting- patiently or not, to help us.  If the living people around you can't do it, you may need only to open yourself up to the possibility of something less tangible.  Reach out and ask for that support, it's there, maybe not in the form you'd best prefer, but still there.

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