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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Beleiving is seeing

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UK Pagan

Many people say that seeing is believing, and there are times when that is true.  The opposite is also true.  What we believe, what we acknowledge as a possibility, is what we see, if we aren't carefully grounded.  We can be swayed to see a skewed world, and if we do, all of the decisions are faulty.

If you are wondering why Black Lives Matter is spreading across the globe, you are seeing a moment in which many people are acknowledging that their worldview was skewed.  It's a moment of waking and reassessing.  I find it amazing to watch, and I'm very thankful to see it.

Trusting ourselves and having faith are important parts of spiritual life, but we must always be on guard against seeing our world through warped lenses. If we listen to other viewpoints, to other world views, we can develop a more inclusive and expansive lens to evaluate our experiences through, but first, we must get comfortable with the idea that we are always partially blind.  We must have compassion and curiosity for ourselves and others, and we must also be willing to adjust, grow, and change as go.

I bless you with the awe of discovery and the humility to acknowledge your limitations. I bless you also with kindness towards yourself, and the discomfort of stretching and growing.  

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