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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Still

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UK Pagan

Sitting quietly is my new favorite thing to do. Usually, and spare moment is filled with music or books or crafts, but lately, I've been embracing stillness.  It's such a simple pleasure, and it's one I don't thing any of us appreciate enough in a world where it is so easy to be distracted by anything.

To get here, where I can sit in silence, hands not busy, mind not filled, and distractions not needed, I had to let go of two things: my expectation that all my time should be productive in some way and guilt fo rtaking time for myself.  Neither were easy, but unexpectedly, I have found that the limbo of Covid-19 has eliminated some of my assumptions about what I do and do not have to do.  Too many things are up in the air, too many things are out of my control, and the things I do need to deal with are often immediate, concrete, and well defined.  

Sitting in silence and just having a moment, one in which you don't have to do anything or be anything is very healing.  You might, as I did, notice a new bird song or that the light refracts through the water I'm rooting plants in the afternoon.  You might notice that your headache disappears with a dose of quiet or that you aren't really tired, you're overwhelmed.  The possibilities are as unique as each of our circumstances, and it requires no rituals, no skills, and no objects.

I bless you with a moment to just be.  I bless you with self-forgiveness.  With hese, it is my hope that you can have some still and quiet qand calm in which to be just yourself with no judgement, no fear, no guilt, and no distractions.

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