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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Therapeutic screams

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UK Pagan

Do you ever crave a good scream?  One where you let out all of your rage and frustration and pain?  I am craving one right now, and because I live in an apartment, it's not a good thing to indulge in.  The neighbors might get concerned and call the police, and that's not really something I'd like to explain.

I spent four hours, yes, four, on a Zoom school board meeting.  Then I realized that the apartment manager hadn't sent the maintenance guy around to deal with my leaking toilet.  Then the little one demanded food. it's been a trying day, week, month, year.  Crises big and small have overwhelmed my ability to deal with them calmly, and I really, really want to throw a fit.

When forced to deal with more than we can reasonably handle, we all need an outlet.  Screaming works for some people and situations.  Meditation in others.  I hope you are finding something that helps you release your anger, frustration, and fear in a healthy fashion.  It will, in the long term, make a huge difference in how you weather the storms of life.

I bless you with patience, and in the absence of it, I bless you with healthy coping strategies.  Be well.

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