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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Anxious days

UK Pagan

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UK Pagan

 I have not been coping well.  That's hard to admit.  I've been anxious and snippy and high strung.  I'm absolutely positive that it's been unpleasant for everyone around me. It's been awful for me.

Everything is getting under my skin from big things like a steady stream of horrible news to the sound my middle child makes as he slurps Top Ramen at lunchtime. Some times, I can cope by escaping. Other times, I just have to find a task to dig into.  Those work for a time, but I keep finding myself agitated, stressed, and overwhelmed.

My purpose in writing this isn't to worry anyone, it's to let others, who may be struggling the same way I am, know that they aren't alone. Other people understand what they are going through. I think it's hugely important for people to know they aren't alone. Your feelings are valid, and it's okay to be struggling. There are many resources to help you, but often, the most important one is to give yourself to not be okay.  Acknowledge that things are pretty trying right now.  Seek out things that ease your strain: music, art, conversations, books, movies, tasks.  Focus on getting through right now. We'll figure out the rest in time.

I'll leave you with this blessing: May you find moments of great beauty every day.  May you seek out and also spread kindness.  May you find calm and strength when you need it most.

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