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 Back to school is crazier this year than ever, and that's pretty funny since the kids aren't going anywhere.  Really, sometimes, I have to laugh until I'm breathless about how silly that is.

I've got a kid doing Transitional Kindergarten, one in 8th grade, and a high school senior all learning at home.  I'm trying to get organized, but I'm failing pretty miserably if my current situation is any indication. I'm sitting in my undies, trying to cool off, and doing four things at once (writing this is the least taxing of those). The living room looks like it exploded. 

This is not a great time for me to be having anxiety attacks, but here we are.  Talking to friends, they are hyperventilating along with me, so at least I'm not lonely.

I hope you are coping, especially if you are a parent or a teacher trying to muddle through this wild new territory.  Gods be with you!  Remember that good enough is enough. Kids learn even when we think they aren't, and everybody is in this same silly boat. Maybe in a couple weeks, we all start rowing together and making some progress. 

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