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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Strife

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How's going?  If, like me, you are wrangling kids as they learn at home, you might be, like me, contemplating day drinking as a coping strategy.  Personally, I'm contemplating, not yet doing.  I started this morning feeling pretty good, but now, I've emailed a counselor, helped troubleshoot a technical issue, and returned three children to their workspaces multiple times.  It's not quite 1 o'clock.

Society has long diminished the importance of the labors typically performed by women- cooking, cleaning, childcare, education, eldercare, sewing, and crafting.  Suddenly, they are taking a society-wide primary roll in how things function on a normal basis.  Schools and daycares and stay-at-home moms freed up time, space, and energy for other things to happen.  They were also typically low cost, and therefore low wage industries.  Society at large never really understood how these labors propped up everything else.

The Covid-19 pandemic has really laid bare a lot of things.  It should how fragile economies are. It highlighted inequities in housing, education, wage-earning, healthcare, access of reliable information, and social supports.  It has shown us how many people around us can't be trusted to cooperate, to care, or to adhere to even long-standing social norms.  It's shown who amongst us is essential to our survival and what we spend our resources on.  If nothing else, it's opened eyes.

Things suck. they really do, and it's time to change it.  Every crisis gives us the opportunity to fix things.  This one is giving us an opportunity to make some huge changes.  I hope you will do your part in changing things.  Get informed, share your story, be willing to uncomfortable in a period of transition, and be present at every opportunity.  Vote, run for office, write to your officials, march.  Whatever you do, don't just sit there.  We can make something much better if we act now.

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