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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Little ideas

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 2020 has been hard on my creativity, and it is straining my coping strategies.  One day I'm fine with distance learning, a small living space, and taking each day as it comes, and other days, I'm raging and crying. Scattered between the two are a few days of creativity or joy or productivity, but mostly the frustrations of my two main modes of being.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter got sad that she doesn't have a TK classroom like in her books and shows.  An understandable disappointment for a little one.  The same day, I had been haunting Pinterest looking for Halloween ideas that didn't revolve around trick-or-treating (health officials here were early and clear that we needed to come up with alternate Hallowe'en plans- which was nice).  I saw pumpkin dioramas, which were varied and cute.  I immediately ordered some supplies for pick up from Michael's, thinking I'd be lucky to do the project over the weekend.  They texted me twenty minutes later that my stuff was ready for pick up, and the little one and hopped in the car after her distance learning ended and picked them up.

We started by tinting the pumpkin a soft, warm shade of pink. then I cut a hole in the side (I used an X-acto knife, but looking back, I had a Dremel tool attachment that would have made it take two minutes instead of half an hour).  We hot glued a variety of mosses down to create faery carpet and wall decorations. An old steel can lid that I had painted with nail polish for a different project was glued to a champagne cork to make a table.  We added more corks for chairs. Tiny glass bottles with glitter glue were glued to the table. Polymer clay was flattened into a blackboard, and some alphabet stamps and a piece of paper made turned into an ABC banner.  A string of lights, a couple of tiny signs, and we had Miss Twinkle's Faery Kindergarten.  It took us from early afternoon to dusk.  My sons drifted out to the patio to watch and comment, and my daughter got to tell me what she thought about how she learns and how faeries learn and how we make things.

A week later, we shared pictures with her teacher over e-mail.  Her teacher shared them with the class.  My daughter got to tell everyone about her crafting adventure.  This week, another little girl in the class shared her Faery classroom.

When moments of inspiration strike, try to go with it, even if you doubt your skills or it will make a mess. The experience might become more than the sum of its parts, especially as we feel lonely and isolated and disrupted in the days of Covid-19.  I might give you a sense of accomplishment, open the door for a conversation, or it might connect you to someone else.  All of those could be exactly what you need, but don't know what you need.  

I bless you today with a breath of fresh air that carries on it an idea.  I bless you with a little time and exactly what you need to be creative.




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