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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Passing Time

UK Pagan

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 Time passes. How we mark it, as individuals and as society says a lot about us. I'll leave you to contemplate what you think is being said.

Most years, I take some comfort in the cycles of the year. January is quiet and new. March is busy. May is social. August and October are crazy with things that revolve around kids and my husband's job.

This year, of course, feels weird. March stood still and became, somehow, September.  October is disappearing too fast and not fast enough at the same time.  Regular things happened in strange, new ways.  It's all very odd as if the rhythm has stumbled or stopped.

In response to all of this, I became a little obsessed with calendars.  I'm trying to figure out how to build a miniature stone circle calendar on my patio.  I eyed perpetual calendars for weeks, coveting, critiquing, desiring.  Finally, I made one of my own. 

It's three circles of stretched canvas, watercolor paint, and a few other odds and ends.  It isn't, currently, anything fancy, but it has reconnected me with the idea of a rhythmic, cyclical year. I may update it later.  I may indulge myself and buy a fancy wooden Waldorf calendar with moon phases and seasons to accompany the days and months we normally obsess over. 

If this year has cut you off from your usual rhythm, I hope you find a way to reconnect to it.  Reconnecting doesn't mean you have to get over this year and all of its stresses, but it can give you hope that next year can be something else, regardless of when you mark the changing year.  Plan your garden, make a calendar, craft something that reminds you that this will pass and that someday, life will feel a bit more normal.  Whatever it is, I am wishing you all you need to move forward with hope and curiosity.


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