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[A Cauldron Full of Stars] Witchcraft!

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 My oldest son refers to folding fitted sheets as witchcraft.  It's such a perplexing, frustrating, mysterious task for him that he marvels at me doing it.  It is also an internet meem for those of a certain age group.  It makes me laugh every time he's impressed at my sheet folding skill.  

It makes me think about all the skills I've ever been impressed by that seem so magical and mysterious.  When I was a child, crochet, and knitting.  It seems like magic wands creating something out of basically nothing.  Cake decorating, wood carving, and embroidery are all equally enchanting.

The world is so full of things that are interesting and full of the possibility of magic. I wish you a sense of awe at something that other people find incredibly ordinary.  Maybe it's car repair or how a building takes shape or bread baking or quilting or chopping an onion into perfect little cubes.  Marvel in the ordinary, it can be so amazing, if we give it a chance.  It can also help us find perspective and inspiration when we badly need it.  

If you are struggling to connect to everyday magical energy, there are many deities who might help.  Brigid is the goddess of smiths, poets, and midwives.  Airmid is the goddess of healing herbs and medicines.  Hephaestus is the smith god of the Greeks.  Anansi, Hermes, Mercury, Loki, and Coyote, all tricksters, are chaotic creators who tend to be upcyclers of the highest order.  Read their myths, leave a small offering, and be open to awe.  It is the best starting point for inviting magical and creative energies into your life.

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